SKY 31 Lounge of Lotte World Tower

If you can’t go far, then go high!
With the price of a cup of coffee, you can climb the world’s fifth tallest building and enjoy a nice view.

About SKY 31

SKY31 Food Avenue is a food court located on the 31st floor of Lotte World Tower. The walls are completely made of glass, allowing visitors to see the Seok chon Lake and the Han River. The food court, which offers a variety of dishes, including Korean food and Western food, also has a rest room with a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee leisurely with sweet desserts. Passing through Arena Square between Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall, through the east and into Lotte World Tower, you will be guided to the information center. Here, visitors have to write down their names and phone numbers to get access cards to enter the building’s premises. 


🏙 View of SKY 31 

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🍟🍔What to eat in SKY 31? 

Naturr Ice-cream 

Ice cream brand Naturr, which uses only natural pigments is on the Sky 31.
No matter thinking of eating with a cup or a cone, try ordering your favorite ice cream which is beautifully served in a glass.


Burger Lab by Lotteria 

There is an open-kitchen, which offers both orders and attractions.
If you are curious to know the combination of pure beef patties made of wholemeal fermented species, then just try it!


Villa de Charlotte (Italian cuisine)

You can have a bowl of salad for a light lunch, as well as a pleasant dinner with wine or beer.
No one would hate Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza and steak ! YUM!

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So Dam Ban Sang ( Korean cuisine)

If you want to try Korean food, why not try Sodam Ban Sang ? 
Three or four side dishes, plus soup, are filled with a clean set of meals.  


Ho-ho Katsu (Japanese cuisine)

If there is a basic menu that cannot be left out of the food court, it is Katsu !
Ho-ho Katsu sells Japanese-style pork cutlet with soft meat and crispy fries boasting moderate thickness ! 

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There are more kinds of cuisine you can enjoy !


🏪Seven Eleven Signature

At Sky 31 Food Avenue, visitors can experience the first automated convenience store in Korea. You are supposed to take a pass from the ground floor and enter. If you are a Lotte-Card user, please register your Hand-pay with the help of a resident employee. Hand-pay only needs to put its wrist on the scanner at the counter by recognizing the thickness and shape of the vein of the cardholder. Regular credit card payments are also available.


🎼Lotte Concert Hall 

Lotte Concert Hall is on the eighth floor of Lotte World Mall, wich is opened for a certain period of time even when there is no performance.

When you go up to the Lotte Concert Hall, it immediately leads to the lobby, where there is always a pleasant classical music flowing through the wide space where light comes through the window. It is a perfect place to sell alcoholic beverages and enjoy the fresh breeze ! 


📍How to get there?

There is an information desk for the entrance to Sky 31 Food Avenue at the eastern lobby of Lotte Tower.
The pass card is required when passing through a speed gate with a private elevator, given the name, contact number and number of accompanying persons.
*Remember to return it.

Open Hours 
Everyday 11:30 – 22:00 (Break time varies by store.)
Lotte World Tower
Use the Green Line or Pink Line of Subway, you can easily get to the Lotte World Tower with the guides.