Sinchon Meat Grill Buffet (Seoul)

~~~For all the meat lovers!~~~

If you’re a fan of Korean style BBQ, you will for sure love this gorgeous Korean meat grill buffet!!

‘통큰갈비’ in Seoul Sinchon area, near Seoul Subway Line 2 Sinchon Station~

It has been one of the most favorited tags of Korea Instagram posts, and called ‘Happiness of 10,000 won’ by many Koreans. Wanna know why? Let’s find out in today’s post!



File 9-6-15, 7 42 12 PM

How ‘통큰갈비’ looks like at night

File 9-6-15, 7 42 02 PM

File 9-6-15, 7 42 28 PM

It has 2 floors, but still full and people always keep queuing up

You usually need to wait for 10 to 30 mins to get a seat at night


File 9-6-15, 7 42 39 PM

File 9-6-15, 7 42 49 PM


‘통큰갈비’ is very famous for its pork rib buffet, and even made it on a food TV program in Korea!

You can easily know that the meat here does have a better quality than most of the buffet restaurants you can find, and along with multiple menus for your upgrading choices!

And for the pork rib BBQ buffet, you only need to pay 10,000 won(around 10 US dollars) for each person, and ready to have unlimited amount of meat!! Side dishes including salad, Kimchi and sauces are all FREE~ This is also why Korean people call this ‘Happiness of 10,000 won’~

File 9-6-15, 7 42 57 PM

The meet is really nice and well salted

File 9-6-15, 7 43 07 PM


File 9-6-15, 7 41 44 PM

File 9-6-15, 7 41 54 PM


Next time when you fancy some BBQ, try 통큰갈비 and you won’t regret it~

Location: Changcheon-dong 72-10, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


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