Shopping Idea- Casual “Daily” Hanbok

A beautiful Korean hanbok designed for daily life-

Daily Hanbok! (일상한복)

Featured photo from Leesle’s Online Store

If you have visited Jeonju Hanok Village, or even Gyeongbokgung Palace, you may have already seen some men and women in beautiful Korean traditional dress- but while they are very eye catching and amazing pieces of art, it is difficult to imagine wearing something so formal every day- so what about buying yourself a daily hanbok to commemorate your trip?

A daily hanbok is a outfit that usually consists of a skirt and a jacket, or a dress, that is inspired by the colors and the silhouette of a Korean outfit! We’ve included some photos, and hope you find this post of interest!

If you would like more information on Korean daily hanboks, or help navigating the websites, let us know in the comments, facebook, or by email!


Photo from Coreano’s Shopping Website 

A daily hanbok uses the full skirt and the cropped jacket as an inspiration, but with lighter, more breathable materials and modern patterns! It is a beautiful way of incorporating colors and designs into your daily wardrobe, and you don’t need to wear it together! What about buying a cropped top to wear with jeans, or wearing one of the full skirts with a t-shirt?


Photo from Coreano’s Shopping Website 

Coreano is a online store that sells daily hanboks in different colors, but also is available in Seoul in Myeongdong, as well as in the airport! If you happen to visit the branch at the airport, please let us know what it contains!


Visit Coreano


Photo from Today’s Hanbok’s Shopping Website 

Most of these beautiful hanbok stores like to incorporate the use of bold colors! If you have been on the streets of Korean you may have noticed that Koreans are actually not very bold when it comes to unusual colors- everyone is wearing the same cobalt blue, or the same fuschia pink! So the daily hanboks will also be in the shades that are “in fashion”.


Photo from Today’s Hanbok’s Shopping Website 

 What we love about Today’s Hanbok is that it gives you a preview of what it would be like to wear the outfits in public! These were taken at our famous theme park! She stands out, but don’t you think she looks beautiful!? What a perfect way of combining modern, comfortable shoes with Korean clothing!

Visit Today’s Hanbok

You can find a store near Amsa Station in Seoul, and there are also 2 stores in Jeonju’s Hanok Village!


Photo from Wayyu’s Shopping Website 

 What we also love are the outer, light weight jackets that they sell Korean style! What about wearing one the way you would a trench coat?

Photo from Wayyu’s Shopping Website 

This one is one of our favorites, because it combines a very non-Korean plaid pattern with a Korean silhouette!


Visit Wayuu

Offline store near Nakseongdae Station (line 2)


Photo from Leesle’s Online Store

Sometimes we wish we could go through Seoul dressed like this! Taking in the entire image, isn’t the model beautiful? This is what we image it will be like if you could wear a full daily hanbok outfit, head to toe! We also love how the outer coat doesn’t actually look very unusual from far away.


Photo from Leesle’s Online Store

 Leesle is one of the most famous brands that carry casual daily hanbok, so it is a little bit more expensive. They have a beautiful instagram page that we highly recommend you check out! (Search for the hashtag: “leesle!”


Photo from Leesle’s Online Store

What we are also in love with right now are these beautiful accessories that they are selling at the moment! Leesle doesn’t have an offline store, but check out their website!


Visit Leesle (no offline store)


Photo from Tchai Kim’s online store 

Tchai Kim is also very famous in Korea, and has a store in Samcheong dong near Bukcheon Hanok Village! It is a little bit more expensive, but the brand has a way of combining both the traditional structure and form of a Korean hanbok, with slightly more modern, unusual patterns and styles  that have it pop! We also love the use of colors!


Photo from Tchai Kim’s online store 

She has the classic, romantic daily hanoks combined with brighter, bolder pops that look amazing! So what about visiting her store?

Visit Tchai Kim

Offline store is in Samcheong-dong, near Bukcheon Hanok Village in Seoul

We love traditional Korean hanboks, but we also love that the traditional has been infused with modern practicality- making it such a tempting decision for us!

So what about buying a daily hanbok as a souvenir, and carrying a bit of Korea back home with you?

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