Shirt season is coming

When spring is here, shirt is the best item for girls in Korea.


It can be very simple,stylish and easy to match with any other clothes!

It can also be sexy, cute and stylish!

I will introduce shirt items that will add femininity to your fashion!

The special shirt for this season

With ruffle sleeves shirt:



Overall clean shirt design!
It is a stylish item that gives a neat feeling.
You can also create a sexy mood.
You can feel the comfortable fit with the falling fit.
Office looks:


Casual looks:


Strap shirt:

Colorful shirt:



With a beautiful shirt,it is possible to direct a elegant feeling by the sense of the covering which is lightly covered with the back of the hand!

The simple design can match various items well.

When you styled a skirt or pants,that is Perfect!
Korean girls said the best color for them are Ivory and Sky have two colors.

Why don’t you come to Korea and shopping some beautiful shirt for you and your friends!!


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