Review of Shinyoung Cinema Museum Movie Star: A Must-go place for movie lovers!


Shinyoung Cinema is currently closed for remodeling until further notice.
Shinyoung Cinema
The entrance to the Cinema looks like a camera. Did you know? Jeju Shinyoung Cinema Museum was established by Young Kyun Shin, a veteran Korean actor.
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
It opened in 1999, and you can retrace the footprints of movies through exhibitions and various experiences.
The museum is located near Seogwipo-shi, Jeju. It is an indoor museum that you can enjoy even on rainy days.
Also, there is a Cocomong Eco Park right next to it, a great place to visit with children!
Tourist Info Screen
Tourist Info Counter
We visited the museum on a rainy day, and there were not many people during the lunchtime ????
Past the camera-looking entrance, many movie posters and character miniatures are exhibited from place to place!
Cinema Robot   Movie Poster
The museum has three floors: the basement floor, 1st floor, and the 2nd floor.
Floor Plane
The structure of the building is quite unique and may be confusing for some, so I recommend you to follow the marked guide!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
Also, the place is separated into 3 sections: Movie City, Movie Gallery and Movie Lounge. At these places, you can enjoy unique experience relating to movies!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
Upon entering the compound, you will encounter the 7m-high Taekwon V!!! It is probably the biggest exhibition in the cinema.
Giant Robot   Cinema Giant Robot
Here’s a picture with a “V” peace pose with Taekwon V ????
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
I had a lot of fun taking pictures next to many different characters! I felt like a movie star too! ????
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema   Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
We could even try on various costumes here!
I wore a military uniform for the first time in my life.

First Floor: Hall of Fame

Wall Of Frame
On the 1st floor, you can see the room of actor Shin, the hall of fame commemorating stars of the silver screen, a chronological list of movies from different film studios, the exhibition of old filming tools and props, and superhero figures that children love!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema   Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
We took tons of pictures here ????
Iron Man   Jeju Shinyoung Cinema

Basement 1 : 5D Rider Experience

And a way to the basement floor!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema   Floor Sign
They have good artistic sense. Look at this sign accompanied by a cute robot! It felt like I was actually inside a movie ????
On the basement floor, there is a 5D rider experience center where you get to be a movie character and have a once-in-a-lifetime movie experience!
Selfie   Screen
When you wear the movie glasses, it transports you instantly to a different world. It is as though you’re sitting on a real roller coaster! It’s super-duper fun ????
Gun  Gun
You can also find different sculptures of media artists and of nostalgic old movies!
Floor Direction  Jeju Cinema

Second Floor: Art Shop and Cafe

There are an art shop and a café on the 2nd floor where you can enjoy the view of Namwon Keuneong Coastal Scenic Spot, also known as the most beautiful beach in Jeju! It is a nice place to sit and get some rest.
Giraffe   Shinyoung Cinema
It was raining that day so we couldn’t enjoy the view to the fullest, but the indoor building itself is decorated beautifully!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
On our way down, we could see Taekwon V from above. See how tall it is? It is a hologram and the color changes constantly, so it looks different each time we take a photo!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
At different places in the museum, you can find old movies playing. You can sit on the cushions provided and watch the movies comfortably!
Jeju Shinyoung Cinema
If you are a movie lover, who has interest in movies and love to watch movies, I highly recommend you to visit this museum ???? It’ll be a great experience even on a rainy day!

Jeju Shinyoung Cinema Museum

Location: 536, Taewi-ro, Namwon-eub, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju
Telephone:  (+82)64-805-0008