Shabu-Shabu Buffet – Ro-un Shabu-Shabu & Salad Bar

Fancy hot boiling shabu-shabu in this cold weather?

We’ve got a best choice for you!!

~Ro-un Shabu-Shabu & Salad Bar~

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Ro-un Shabu-Shabu & Salad Bar (로운샤브샤브) is now very popular in Korea. This is more than a shabu-shabu buffet that you can have unlimited veges and meat, Ro-un offers more alternatives including a diverse salad bar, ice-cream and drinks, and seasonal new menus.

You can enjoy much more than the shabu menu by paying the same buffet price!

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Here’s the window where you can always feel free to come get some more meat! You can also add a few more thousands won and upgrade your meal from Australian beef to authentic Korean beef.

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There’re quite a lot of choices of different vegetables~

Eat healthy!

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We got lots of veges lol!!

Trying to feel less guilty while eating too much ><

It feels like Seoul is officially entering winter recently, temperature at night even dropped to zero once! And a hot pot of deliciousness is just what we need right now!

Shabu-shabu can really warm you up instantly, just be prepared to get your energy back!

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The Salad Bar

When you are warmed up enough, maybe it’s time to try some more alternatives from the salad bar. There are a variety of salads, as well as freshly cooked fried chicken, tteokbokki the Korean rice cake, seafood, etc.

Besides the great salad bar, Ro-un always tries to bring more choices. They’ve added this welcomed Vietnamese spring roll menu to the buffet!! Another reason to go eat at Ro-un!

Vietnamese spring rolls buffets in Korea usually cost you around 15,000 won to 20,000 won each, and now, no extra money!!

File 11-1-15, 7 02 23 PM  File 11-1-15, 7 00 47 PM

Vietnamese Spring Roll Bar

File 11-1-15, 7 00 29 PM

File 11-1-15, 6 56 53 PM

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Rice paper Vietnamese roll

The taste has no big difference from those special Vietnamese spring roll restaurants, only that they don’t have as many different sauces, but still acceptable. Anyway, guess there’s no reason not to have shabu buffet and Vietnamese rolls at the same time.

Even you might already had too much, fruits and snacks are still waiting for you~

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Korean traditional rice snack

 The food are delicious but funny to eat at the same time. For this Korean traditional rice snack, first take a large piece from the left, dip it into the honey citrus syrup, and then finish with the flavored crispy crumbs all over the surface.

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Ice-cream and shaved ice with red beans 

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The price for weekday’s lunch is 12,900 won each person, dinner and weekends’ are 17,900 won for one.


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Ro-un Shabu-Shabu & Salad Bar has locations at Sinchon, Hongdae and Jamwon.


        Sinchon: 4F, 94 Sinchon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

        Hongdae: B1, 153 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

        Jamwon: 5F, 51 Jamwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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