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Why should I visit Boseong Green Tea Fields?

Boseong is located in the South Jeolla Province in Korea, and it is as south as you can go!  It is very famous for their acres of green-tea fields, which is visited by tourists and locals alike! It is an amazing and breath taking view, and is often the backdrop of famous Korean dramas!


Photos from Official Bosong Website

 Green Tea Plantation
  • Address 763-67 Nokcha-ri, Boseong-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do (1288-1 Bongsan-ri)

This area accounts for 40% of the national tea production! The area also cultivates and developes Korea’s one and onyl seawater green tea spa- there are also very interesting tea-based food that you can experience!

Why Green Tea?

Boseong has the optimal climate, soil, geography and topography to produce top-level tea. Additionally, the Boseong tea is grown in a purely naturla enivornment! They won the Silver Award at the 2007 World Green Tea Fair, and was also certified by the FDA in the US.


Don’t you want to go see the green-tea fields yourself? Look at this amazing shot of the rolling acres of green tea! I wonder if the air smells different?

Entry to the tea fields is 3,000 won per person, and while you can take photos anywhere, there are also specific areas that have been prepared especially for amazing photos (this might also explain why sometimes, people all seem to have the same photo!)


Photos from Official Bosong Website

Korea Tea Museum

Located very close to the tea plantation, the Tea Museum has a Tea Cultural Exhibition on the first floor, Tea History Exhibition on the second floor, and many other exchange spaces where you can learn about korean tea!

  • Website:

How to get there


Photos from Official Bosong Website

Although there is a bus that goes from Soeul to Boseong, there is only one bus per day, and so we highly recommend that instead, you take a bus to Gwangju, and then a seperate bus to Boseong!


As you can see, Boseong is very far from Seoul! A one way trip will take you approximately 5 hours, so please plan your trip in advance so you can enjoy your time at Boseong to the fullest!

1. Seoul to Gwangju

When traveling by train, take the KTX from Seoul to Gwangju (approximately three hours).

When traveling by bus, take a bus from your closest express terminal! It will take approximately 3 hours!

There are 2 different bus terminals, Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Dong Seoul Bus Terminal which will take you to Gwangju Express Bus Terminal. 

The buses leave from around 6.00 am, until 11.00pm, but we recommend leaving bright and early because there is so much to eat and do in Sokcho!

1. Leaving from Seoul Express Bus Terminal

You can double check on in english for the bus schedule and whether there are available seats!

2. Leaving from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal 

Another option is that you can take the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, but most of our readers are more familiar with the Seoul Express Bus Terminal! It can get a little bit confusing, so please make sure you go well ahead of time in order to make sure you find the ticketing center and where you need to take the bus!

You can check the website for the bus time table, however it is available in Korean 


2. Gwangju to Boseong

Once in Gwangju, go the Gwangju Bus Terminal and take an intercity bus headed for Boseong (approximately one hour and 40 minutes).


There are many buses that go from Gwangju Bus Terminal to Boseong Bus Terminal, so do not worry! They travel regularly, and you have gotten the most difficult part of your journey over and done with!  It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and costs 8,400 won per person.

3. Boseong Bus Terminal to Boseong Green Tea Fields

Because the distance from Bosenog Bus Terminal to Buseong Green Tea Fields is not too far, we recommend that you take a taxi! It will come out to a little less than 10,000 won (the left side shows from approximate costs it would take to take a cab, as well as the time!)


So will you be visiting Boseong Green Tea Fields this summer?

Share your experience and photos with us!


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