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You might remember the Virtual Reality 360 video we shared with you from Lotte World’s Facebook Page

생생하게 돌려볼 수 있는 360도 회전 영상!이게…그 유명한 착즙기 영상인가요?그나저나 진짜 자이로드롭 타는 느낌 대박!!!#롯데월드 #자이로드롭 #360vr #발아래주의 #놀램주의

게시: 롯데월드 (lotteworld) 2016년 7월 20일 수요일

But if you are looking for the biggest thrill of your life, check out Lotte World’s Horrer Halloween- Zombie island!

2016 Halloween:

Horror Halloween Zombie Island! 

From September 3rd to October 31st, Lotte World has transformed Magic Island into a scary and thrilling “Zombie Island”!

From 18:00 onwards, you will be able to find an exciting and heart pumping destination! This evening event at Lotte World is available only once a year, and it is a must visit destination!

어…? 매직 아일랜드가….?!#롯데월드 #호러할로윈 #좀비아일랜드

게시: 롯데월드 (lotteworld) 2016년 9월 1일 목요일

Check out the sample video on the Lotte World Facebook Page!

You will be able to experience “Horrer Ride”, “M rating district” and a amazing “Zombie Performance” during September and October!


Not only are there amazing rides and shows to watch in Zombie Island, you will also be able to find some Halloween themed food and drinks! (The eyeball pasta looks particularly disgusting, don’t you think?)

No zombie event will be complete without giving you the opportunity to also dress up and attend the event as a zombie! You will be able to get your makeup done zombie style, which will make for great photos to share after the event!

Excited? Thrilled? Do you love zombies and find this to be the perfect event to attend? We do!!

If this excites you, the special “Monster Night Party” will tempt you more!


September 30 (Friday) 22:30  ~ October 1 (Saturday) 05:00

Find more information on this amazing, once in a lifetime event on Lotte World’s Main Page

<호러 할로윈 : 좀비 아일랜드> 9/3 오픈!매일 밤 6시, 살고 싶다면 도망쳐라!★'좋아요+공유'하면 좀비 아일랜드로 초대합니다!★(자유이용권 2매 증정/ 20명 추첨/ 9/5 발표)☆티저편 다시보기 → http://bit.ly/2bQOxix#롯데월드 #호러할로윈 #좀비아일랜드

게시: 롯데월드 (lotteworld) 2016년 8월 25일 목요일


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