Seoul Haneul Park (Sky Park) Flower Festival

One of the famous places you should visit in Seoul is Haneul Park (Sky Park) in Hapjeong-gu, located in the World Cup Stadium Park.


Hanuel Park (Sky park) is a grassland park that was formed where the second site of the Nanjido Landfill once stood.


At Haneul Park, visitors will be surprised at with scenic views of Seoul in every direction with Bukhansan Mountain to the north, Namsan Mountain and the 63 Building to the east, Han River to the south and Haengjusanseon Fortress to the west. These spectacular sights can be fully enjoyed from the observation platform.



the park has many great photo zones where one can take a snapshots of their time here beneath the grand blue sky. It also offers benches and other areas for visitors to take a short rest and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Haneul Park.



You should go to Haneul Park in Summer and Autumn, cause this is the most beautiful time of this Park, the grass is very fresh and there are so many flower festivals like sunflower or cosmos festival.

In Summer (August): Sunflower Festival & Cosmos Festival

In Autumn (October), there will be Eulalia Festival.


Picture3Picture2Picture6crepic: naver


How to get to Haneul park?

Hapjeong station, go out at exit 9, take bus 271 or 7733, get off at Worlcup Park bus stop.

Or go out exit 1 at World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6)
Haneul Park is located within 30-minute walking distance of the station.

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