Seoul City Tour Bus goes traditional markets



Seoul City Tour Bus goes to popular traditional markets!

Korean traditional markets are getting more popular as a good place to buy good value products and to enjoy Korean street food. Seoul City Tour Bus (traditional market course) goest to following markets.

Dootaㆍ Dongdaemun Market – Bangsan Market ㆍ Seoul Jungbu Market – Lotte Young Plaza -Seoul Station bus stop 6 – Namdaemun Market – Myeong-dong – Jonggak – Tapgol park ㆍInsa-dong – Seun Electronics Market – Gyeongdong Market – Pyoonghwa market -Dongmyoㆍ Hwanghakdong Flea Market (황학동 벼룩시장) – Seoul yangnyeong Market – Majang Meat Market – Sindangdong Jungang Market

If you would like to enjoy traditional market shopping tour in Seoul, why don’t relax on this Red bus to get to next market? For more details,


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