Seosan Haemieupseong Fortress Festival 2016

The Haemieupseong Fortress in Seosan City is the most intact fortress in Korea. Built around 600 years ago during the Joseon period, the fortress is a historically significant site where both the commander-in-chief of Chungcheong-do Province and the great Admiral Yi Sun-shin had once served. It is also a sacred ground of martyrs as nearly 1,000 Roman Catholics were executed in 1866. In modern times, the fortress served as the backdrop for the turbulent Donghak Peasants Revolution (1894) and Catholic Persecution.


The Seosan Haemieupseong Festival offers a variety of exciting programs with a theme of the traditional Korean market. This includes diverse cultural performances such as tightrope walking, folk music, traditional orchestral music, and outdoor theatricals. Visitors to the festival will also have a chance to experience hands-on activities like traditional crafts, folk games, and drawing performances.

Please come to Seosan City to jointly celebrate 600 years of Haemieupseong Fortress, and enjoy the festive moods of this event and also recall retrospect of Joseon period.



  • Scheduled Programs: Great King Taejong military marching parade, traditional orchestra performance, etc.
  • Experiential Programs: The City Walls Are Alive
  • Folk Performances: Seosan puppet play, Simhwayeong solo ritual dance, Seosan Jijeom play, Ungsoseong-ri Equiem, Seosan Yongdaegi play, etc.
  • Contests: Korean traditions contest, Joseon era sports contest
  • Traditional Rituals Programs: Traditional wedding, traditional 60th wedding anniversary
  • Permanent Programs: Government/litigation/courts, market program, visiting outside the walls, traditional arts and crafts
  • City Tour Programs, parallel events (booth), etc.




10.07.2016 ~ 10.09.2016


143 Nammun 2-ro, Haemi-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 서산시 해미면 남문2로 143 (해미면)


Haemieupseong Fortress area

Admission/Participation Fees:

Varies by per program/activity.

Age Limit:

Open to all year round


– From Central City Terminal, take an express bus bound for Seosan Bus Terminal. (Travel time: 1 hour 50 min; First bus: 06:00; Intervals: 20 -30 min)

– From Seoul Nambu Terminal, take an express bus bound for Seosan Bus Terminal. (Travel time: 1 hour 50 min; First bus: 06:30; Intervals: 10 -40 min)

– From Daejeon Bus Terminal, take an express bus bound for Seosan Bus Terminal. (Travel time: 1 hour 40 min; First bus: 06:50; Intervals: 30 min)

– At Seosan Bus Terminal take bus 510, 511, or 150 heading to the Air Force (공군부대) and get off at the Haemi Terminal Bus Stop.

From the bus stop head north, turn right at the post office (first big intersection) and the fortress will be on your left (about 300 m from the bus stop).


For More Info:

Homepage: (only Korean)


  • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

  • +82-41-669-5050

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