Seochon Seoul- one of Korea’s oldest neighborhoods

A walking guide of Seochon- Bukchon’s Neighbor!


Do you remember this photo from our instagram account? Finally! We are here to share our walking tour of Seochon!

Located on the OTHER side of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seochon is the West village, and although it is not as famous as its sister neighbor Bukcheon, there is something pleasant and inspiring about its quietly enduring restaurants and art galleries. There are two main streets that we highly recommend you check out- as well as some other key parts. We’ve mapped it all out on googlemaps- but what we recommend is you use ours as a basis, and go exploring!

Check out our GoogleMaps!


Point 1. Gyeongbokgung Station

Where do we start? Gyeongbokgung station of course! When you come out of exit one or two, you will see a big CU in the corner. This is the best place to meet up with others to begin your eating tour!


Point 2. Sejong Cultural Food Street

The first step that we recommend? Sejong Cultural Food Street!

This is a small alleyway FULL of small restaurants, pubs, and bars! We went a little bit before lunch time, but we highly recommend that you go in the evening, when it is bustling!

20150713_145939 20150713_150006 20150713_150046

Not only will you find some amazing restaurants and bars, you can come back many times and never get tired! The most common restaurant is Korean seafood- and Korean barbecue! But there are also a variety of other food too- Korean/Japanese style skewers, craft beer pubs, and (this writers favorite) makkeoli!!

20150713_150115 20150713_150156

If you don’t know which restaurant to visit, we always have a rule of thumb- visit the one withthe most customers!

How can you go wrong, when other people like it so much?

20150713_150303 20150713_150334

What we love about this street is that it seems to go on for ever- so what about trying a little bit of this and that- at SEVERAL restaurants? It sounds like a plan to us!

20150713_150433 20150713_150525

Do you see the restaurant to the right? It is actually a famous Korean barbecue restaurant that is ALWAYS full! So what about giving it a try?


Point 3. Tosokchon

Did you see our other article on top Samgyetang restaurants? (Click here to see it!) This is one of the famous restaurants! it is HUGE inside, and there are actually two right next to each other, so please be sure to visit it!

20150713_151402This is the second branch! One of the reasons this restaurant is so famous is because one of our old Presidents used to frequent it- so what about having some Korean style chicken rice? (Do you remember our post on Korean versus Singaporean Chicken Rice?)


Point 4. The Other Food Street

Looking to eat something other than Korean food? “The Other Food Street” (because we didn’t know what to call it otherwise) is located just next to the 2nd Samgyetang restaurant, and is a small and quiet street full of very interesting restaurants and cafes!

20150713_151752 20150713_151817

The yellow restaurant is a famous Korean ‘tonkotsu’ (fried pork cutlet) restaurant, and the one with the green doors is actually a French restaurant! Where the wait staff speak French! It is not fancy French cuisine, but heart homey fare, which is even better, we think.


Or do you want to try some Haiwaiian curry? We don’t know how this will taste- but if you have tried it, let us know!

 20150713_152301Point 5. Chateau Chocolat 

This is said to be Korea’s oldest Chocolate Store! I wonder if the chocolate has been “Koreanized”, like so many other types of cuisine? What about buying some chocolate as a souvenir?

We pointed out this as a key destination because it is on the way to our number 2 highly recommended street! So walk north along this street, and don’t get too distracted by the other restaurants!


20150713_152627 20150713_152636

There are guesthouses along the small nook and crannies too, so if you have fallen in love with this neighborhood, what about looking for a place to stay nearby, on your next trip to Seoul?

20150713_152759 20150713_152805

So many interesting places to buy presents and souvenirs! I wonder if it counts as a souvenir if you are buying it for yourself?


Point 7. Tongin Market

20150713_153558 20150713_153657 20150713_153702

Tongin Market! This is a traditional Korean market located near Gyeongbokgung palace with a lot of delicious street stall food!

20150713_153827 20150713_153924

We checked out this very popular tteokbokku stall where they make it with teeny tiny tteokbokki- travelling alone? I did, and it was amazing  because the grandmother took pity on me and gave me more food than normal!

20150713_154141 20150713_154143

Do these photos look familiar? We shared it once on instagram! This is a mix of soysauce tteokbokki and spicy tteokbokki- and she threw in a Korean sesameleave jeon for free!

I love the hospitality of Koreans!

20150713_155544 20150713_155655

Once you are a little bit full, cross the street to the other side! What we did was cross waaayyy over so that we were almost at Gyeongbokgung Palace- but didn’t cross the final street, and started walking back down south! There are alot of many interesting restaurants, cafes, art galleries in this area, and some very beautiful traditional Korean homes!

20150713_155932 20150713_160100 20150713_160126

So take your time and enjoy the wonderful scenery?

20150713_160208 20150713_160237

We think that this place will be beautiful even in the autumn and the winter- because then, the trees will be beautiful, and also in the winter because of the snow!


An example of one of the art galleries- we LOVE mumin here at BnBHero!!


Point 7. Hopscotch

What is this very unusual looking place? It is Hopscotch! It is a gastro bar, and we have shared many photos about this place on our instagram account. It doesn’ sell Korean food, but a wide range of other snacks, and beverages! If you are here in the evening, what about dropping by and having a nightcap?

20150713_160721 20150713_160818

Take your time when visiting this lovely neighborhood, because there is so much to do and enjoy!

What we love is that every little nook and cranny and reveal lots of secrets- so if you discover something amazing, what about sharing it with us?


This interesting building is actually a restaurant that sells Korean food!

20150713_161005 20150713_161011

Whew, we are almost done! Once you come back towards the main street, there are still a variety of stores to visit.


Point 8. Hyeoja-dong Sushi

The last stop on our list, a sushi house! Why not Korean food, you ask? Because we love the fact that there are actually amazing non-Korean restaurants! This is a famous sushi restaurant that has a pretty affordable lunch set, and what we love even more is that it is near some amazing dessert cafes!

20150713_161225  20150713_162126

So this is the end of our Seochon Tour! We left out some other key highlights, but we hope we have introduced enough to whet your appetite!

Planning on visiting Seochon today?

Tell us in the comments!

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