Sea Train Korea – A Fail-proof Guide

How to take Sea Train from Jeongdongjin Station

The Sea Train will take you on a spectacular ride with front row seats to the beautiful east coast of Korea. It stretches from Jeongdongjin to Samcheok, and is a popular attraction among Korean locals. In this post, we provide a fail proof guide about traveling to Jeongdongjin station (where the Sea Train departs) and details about the Sea Train ride.
Estimated travel time:
Seoul to Jeongdongjin: 5hrs 10min ~ 5hrs 45 mins
+ Sea Train Ride: Jeongdongjin to Samcheok (1 way: apprx. 1hr 30 mins)
= Total One Way trip: Apprx. 7 hours
More info about cabin types & reservations:

Part 1: Getting to Jeongdongjin

*Note: If you are traveling from Seoul, we recommend starting the Sea Train trip from Jeongdongjin.
Situated right on the seashore of the East Sea, Jeongdongjin is Korea’s favorite sunrise spot. Many people choose to take the night train to Jeongdongjin to catch the morning sunrise. If you are taking the night train, tickets will sell out quickly for weekends and New Year’s Eve, so plan ahead and make reservations if you need to!

Step 1. Travel to Cheongryangri (청량리역) station (line 1)

About 20 minutes from Seoul station(서울역)
For details on how to go to Cheongryangri Station from your place in Seoul, use subway map.

Step 2. Purchase tickets for a Mugunghwa line train to Jeongdongjin

Fares & Schedule
One-way: KRW 21,100

Cheongnyangni to Jeongdongjin
Train # Departure Arrival
1631 7:00 12:48
1633 9:10 14:27
1635 12:10 17:36
1637 14:13 19:24
1639 16:15 21:23
1661 **22:10 **3:07
1641 23:25 4:28

** This train only operates on Fri, Sat, Sun

Jeongdongjin to Cheongnyangni
Train # Departure Arrival
1632 5:00 10:16
1634 7:15 12:46
1636 8:15 13:38
1638 10:40 15:54
1640 15:00 20:29
1642 16:40 22:16
1662 **23:55 **5:05

** This train only operates on Fri, Sat, Sun

Step 3. Getting to the platform

– Follow this sign to the Mugunghwa line platform.
– Arrive at platform 8 and board train departing for Jeongdongjin station
Check the signs on the side of the train before boarding!
The trip to Jeongdongjin will last about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Part 2: Boarding the Sea Train

*Please board the Sea Train at least 10 minutes prior to departure.
You may only purchase Sea Train tickets from Jeongdongjin, Donghae and Samcheok stations.
Stop intervals are brief for each stop. You may get off at any stop before your destination, but your ticket will expire once the train leaves.

Opening Hours/Schedule

One way train ticket between Jeongdongjin Station and Samcheok Station
✓ You can drop off at any station (Jeongdongjin Station / Donghae Station / Chuam Station / Samcheok Beach Station / Samcheok Station)
From Jeondongjin Station ⇒ Samcheok Station
Jeongdongjin Station Donghae Station Chuam Station Samcheok Beach Station Samcheok Station
Weekends Only 7:10 8:13 8:22 8:26 8:33
Everyday 10:30 11:33 11:42 11:46 11:53
Everyday 14:10 15:13 15:22 15:26 15:33

From Samcheok Station ⇒ Jeondongjin Station

Samcheok Station Samcheok Beach Station Chuam Station Donghae Station Jeongdongjin Station
Weekends Only 8:50 8:58 9:02 9:12 10:13
Everyday 12:30 12:38 12:42 12:52 13:53
Everyday 15:45 15:53 15:57 16:07 17:07

Step 1. Buy/redeem tickets for the Sea Train

Look for the 맞이방 at Jeongdongjin station. There will be a ticket office inside.
Queue for the counter on the left for Sea Train tickets.

Step 2. Boarding the Sea Train at Jeongdongjin Station

Board the Sea Train at the platform closest to the sea across the station building.
The train will either have a blue or red front.
seatrain_blue   seatrain_red
During the train ride, train attendants may conduct recreational activities. Participate and test out your Korean skills. If you are lucky, you might even be able to win a prize!

Step 3. Traveling back from Samcheok to Jeongdongjin

The Sea Train is the only passenger train that passes through Samcheok. Please go to the platform furthest the station building.

Part 3: Getting back to Seoul

Step 1. Purchase tickets to Cheongryangri (Seoul)

Queue on the right counter of the ticket office for tickets to Cheongryangri.

Step 2. Getting to the platform

Follow this sign to the platform the Cheongryangri.
Always check the destination sign on the side of the train before boarding!
The trip to Cheongryangri will last about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

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