Saturday Traditional Culture Show

A great cultural experience for only 10,000 won!

Did you know that every Saturday, the Korean National Center organizes a beautifully cultural performance? With over 50 performances a year, and 14 different sets, it means that even if you are a repeat spectator you will constantly be surprised by the new and the amazing!

Watch a video preview here!

It is an hour and twenty minute performance that consists of a mixture of traditional music, song, dance, from high court to something more local, from the east to the west cost of Korea! Each show is about 5 minutes long, and they have been specifically designed to engage both those familiar, and unfamiliar with traditional Korean art and dance.


You will be able to see Korean women wearing beautiful Korean costumes, and because of the intimate nature of the theater they will actually be right in front of you! I was so surprised to be able to see such exquisite detail up close, and to hear the music!


Although you are not allowed to take photos inside the theater during the performance, they do give you an amazing photo opportunity right at the end of the show- which is perfect for those of us who want to take something a little bit Korean home with us!


How can I book a ticket?

Ticket booking can be done via the Internet, telephone, and in person.
For Internet Booking
  • Please use National Gugak Center homepage to book tickets online.
  • You may call National Gugak Center Customer Support Center (580-3300) if you have any questions.
    National Gugak Center Customer Support Center – Hours of Operation
    – Monday~Saturday : 09:00-18:00 (with the exception of holidays)
    – Internet booking : 24 hours (Booking must be done before 5pm on the day prior to the performance)

For Telephone or on-location booking

  • Please call National Gugak Center ticket office (phone number:02-580-3300) you may also purchase tickets in person at the Ticket Office in the Yeakdang first floor lobby.
    – If the date of your selected performance is a weekday, please book your tickets by 6pm one day prior to the performance.
    – If the date of your selected performance is on a Sunday, please book your tickets by 3pm on Saturday.
    – If the date of your selected performance is on a holiday, please book your tickets by 6pm one day prior to the performance.

For more information please visit their website!


Address: 700 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Not sure how to find it? It is RIGHT NEXT to the Seoul Arts Center! Whether you take bus, taxi or metro, this entire area is so full of Korean arts and culture, from the traditional to the modern, that it will surely be an amazing destination to visit!
What is also great is that right after the show ends, there is a bus that will take you to the nearest metro! That why it makes it much easier to go home, and the bus is for free!
So what about partaking in something cultural and traditional next Saturday?

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