Samcheonggak- Culture, Tradition, and Food!


Samcheonggak stands for House of Threefold Purity, and is located north of Gyeongbokkung Palace. Originally it was a venue used for banquets, and the halls must hold hundreds of stories after hosting so many diplomatic and political functions!

Since 2000, the City of Seoul has made Samcheonggak available to the public, and it has been a beautiful and unique destination where the Sejong Center of the Performing Arts has been putting on many shows.


Samcheonggak is beautiful in the autumn, the roof that is surrounded by the multitude of hues, so you might recognize it from many photos of Seoul! There are many areas inside Samcheonggak, a restaurant, a cafe, private gardens for family gatherings, business meetings, but also a chance for Koreans and visitors to experience traditional tea ceremonies, and instruments such as the bamboo flute and double headed drum!


The Korean Food Restaurant in Ilhwadang (Samcheonggak) features an impressive spread of delicious Korean dishes that have traditionally been enjoyed by royal and aristocratic families, using natural ingredients and pure water from Mt. Bukak. Dawon (Ilhwadang) offers traditional drinks, teas, and wine, and gives visitors dazzling scenery as the backdrop for their dining experience.


Samcheonggak’s Ilhwa Hall, which translates as “Hall of Harmonious Union,” was originally built to host an epochal meeting between North and South Korean leaders in the 1970s. These days, it serves as a venue for traditional and modern performance art shows.

The chef of Samcheonggak Korean restaurant religiously insists on maintaining the authentic taste of Korean cuisine and culture, combining passion and 30 years of cooking experience to present diners with the genuine taste of Korea. Traditional Korean dishes presented with Korean-style service ensure visitors a cultural experience as well as a satisfying meal.

The Samcheonggak (삼청각) Korean restaurant is located on the first floor of Ilhwadang and offers a scenic view of the mountains. For special occasions, book one of the five private rooms and celebrate with a Korean meal set full of flavor and tradition.

Although the set meals can be expensive (starting from 52,800 won),it is a great way to experience Korean court cuisine! However if you are looking for something a little bit more affordable, they also have an a la carte menu.

In fact, there is also a a cafe with a large terrace that overlooks the mountains, where you can enjoy a Korean set meal or a Pasta set meal for a much more affordable price!


In fact, there is also a free shuttle bus service that will take you to Samcheonggak! It stops by Gyeonbokgung Palace, and continues onwards. The time table below is the Korean time stamps, with the first column being Samcheonggak.


So let’s visit Samcheonggak together!

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