Salt gallery?!

Salt gallery

It’s something unique about Korea. Culture of salt and importance of it you can learn right in Sal Gallery. The building of it was the original salt storage century ago, which remained untouched. Previously a wooden storage for salt, it was later used as a warehouse for materials, and it is now transformed into a Salt Gallery after remodeling in 2007. The gallery was thought to a source of important historical data for salt farms since it remains the old scene from the past. Also, it offers a modern stone-built storage at this exhibition hall.


The gallery exhibits everything about salt, from stories to anthropological aspects. In particular, the exhibition tries to break down the misunderstanding in which salt is thought to be the principal factor of diabetes and high blood pressure, and acknowledge the useful health benefits of salt by explaining the different types of salt uses. Beyond the general information on salt, the history behind salt is also explained. Also, daily lives of the people living in Taepyeong Salt Farm, the process of making salt and information about Hamcho (Salicornia herbacea salt) are also showcased in this gallery. Collections Status is more than 50 pieces


Taepyeong Salt Farm is a program, where you can learn about sun-dried salt, on-site salt making experience and learn about the importance of natural environment and food. Fees are: Adults 10,000 won / Teenagers & Children (ages 7-18) 9,000 won


Admission / Participation Fees : Adults (ages 20-64) 2,000 won / Children (ages 8-19) 1,000 won Seniors (ages 65 or more), People with Disabilities, Children (ages 7 or younger): Free

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1058, Jidojeungdo-ro, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do

전라남도 신안군 증도면 지도증도로 1058


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