Romantic Yeosu Winter Destination!

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Did you click play on the video above? It is a famous music video by Korean band Busker Busker, and it is called Yeosu Night Ocean! The song is very popular in Korea, and (we are not exaggerating!) it has led to many Koreans visiting Yeosu to enjoy the beach and sights!

So what about visiting Yeosu this winter? We at BnBHero thought we could share 3 must visit destinations in Yeosu for you to consider on your Winter Trip to Korea!

Odongdo Island

The Odongdo Island of Yeosu is one of the most spectacular spots to appreciate camelias, a beautiful flower! This makes the peak season between November to April, because during this entire period the entire island is awash with crimson flowers!

Address: Sujeong-dong Yeosu-si Jeollanam-do San1-11

There is a train that travels across the breakwater to the island, and it is a beautiful way of checking out the scenery!

There is a ticketing machine where you can buy the ticket automatically, but don’t worry! It accepts cash as well as card! There is also an information desk!

The way to the island is incredibly beautiful, in any season! Can you imagine walking acoss slowly and enjoying the crisp winter air? We can!

If there is one place on the island you have to take photos, this is it! It is probably one of the most famous photo spots for travelers when they visit this marvelous island!

Dolsan Park and Dolsan Bridge

Some people might get upset about the winter season meaning shorter days, but in Yeosu this isn’t a problem at all! Dolsan Park and Dolsan Bridge are both very popular destinations, but what we highly recommend is using the cable car once!

Whether you are visiting it in the night or the day time, the cable car will offer you amazing and stunning videos over Yeosu!

Dolsan Park, located across from Dolsan Bridge, was created in 1987 on land spanning over 287,000 square meters. A teahouse inside the park was originally a TV drama shooting set.


Yeosu Light Festival

What about checking out the Yeosu Light Festival at Dolsan Park? Starting from sunset to 11pm, it is on all Winter and Spring (weather permitting of course!) and it is a great way to enjoy some amazing lights!


We highly recommend you check out this amazing photo opportunity in Yeosu!

Does it tickle your fancy? Considering visiting Yeosu for a day trip, or even overnight? Check out the official Yeosu Tourism Page for more information on tour itinerary recommendations, food recommendations, and sight seeing destinatins!

Official Yeosu Tour Website

If you are considering staying overnight at Yeosu, what about visiting our BnBHero page for some accommodation in Yeosu?

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