Romantic cafe ‘LA VIE DES MARIÉS’ with a cat and a dog

Hidden in Hongdae’s cafe ‘LA VIE DES MARIÉS’, the cafe name is French meaning marriage life, the cafe manager couple and a cat and a dog run this small special coffee shop, even the Korean vogue have introduced it!
The appearance of the cafe is a light yellow single-family house, and there is a lovely small yard. When you enter the cafe, you can find that the whole cafe is mainly decorated with rattan, not only indoor use the rattan chairs and tables. Outdoor is also a rattan lounge chair, and you can enjoy the sunbathing outside when the weather is good. Most of the tableware in the cafe uses wooden tableware. If you order a cup of tea, the cups for making tea are also very special!
In the summer, this coffee shop had been very popular in the SNS of korea. The reason is that this poached egg toast. it is actually made with fresh cream and canned peaches, because it is so cute. makes many Koreans came here for it! and also Korea famuse dessert ‘앙버터’ of course has in here. Toast is covered with sweet but not greasy red bean paste, and it very delicious eat with butter.
There is also an interesting discovery when ordering, the manager will handwrite the customer’s order, and no matter what meal, it will be accompanied by a small plate of fruit, you can find the manager couple’s management is very hard, let also patronize Feel more human touch~
Introduction There must be a description of the dog Remy and the cat Bbong they are raising. The manager and the couple set up a sofa in one of the rooms. In addition to the person who wants to have a personal space, you can choose here. This is also the cat Bbong’s space. inside is put his nest and cat ladder, sometimes if you don’t see it, it may be nested inside!
Puppy Remy sometimes took a nap in it, but it is more often to greet guests who have just come in at the door, or to be around Mom and Dad, to see what they are doing, and when you are bored, it will also take out your own toys and play with yourself. It is very cute!
Pet-friendly cafes may not be so convenient for customers who don’t like animals. Probably because of this, there are so few cafes in Korea that have pets, but I must admit that at first I was go for their delicious toasts but now it is more often to see Remy and Bbong to patronize!


🍽 : 14:00-20:00 Closed on Monday n’ Tuesday
🏠 : 13-6, Wausan-ro 29na-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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