Rice Cake Waffle in Insa-dong [쌈지길 와플떡]

I guess a lot of “Korea Lover” are in love with Korea Rice cake such as Ddeokkbokki.
But today we would like to introduce Korea street food or it can be called as snack
which make from Korean Traditional Ddeok [Rice Cake] and placed it into a waffle press
and BOOM you have that called “Rice Cake Waffle 와플떡”.

It is located at SSamziegil ( a shopping center in the middle of Insadong)

It’s served on a stick like the picture above

The options for ordering are plain waffle ddeok, or “suk” ddeok,
which is rice mixed with mugwort. On top of that you can choose between having
Wild Flower Honey, Acacia Honey, or Chestnut Honey drizzled on top of your waffle ddeok!

So personally I Tried the Plain Waffle with Acacia Honey as topping.
Out of 5 point I gave 4/5 point as it seemed a bit more plain with a hint of sweetness which suitable
my taste buds.^^

I can say that this Street Food is kinda plain yet delicious, a healthy, organic treat, and it is only
1,000 Won [not expensive]


How to go: [Subway]
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6.
– Go 100m straight, then turn left.
Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 3.
– Go straight 300m, and turn left at the 4-way Intersection.
– Go straight 100m, and take the left road towards Insadong-gil Road.

Where to buy: Ssamziegil in Insa-dong
                        The outlook of the building


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