[Review] Snowyland in Vivaldi Park Resort

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Winter holidays aren’t just about skiing and snowboarding. Snow sledding at Snowyland is a great option for children and the young-at-heart! Snowyland is Daemyung Vivaldi Park’s own winter snow village. Indiway members enjoyed traditional sleds to tube sleds to snowy play zones after snowboarding !

❓ How to ride Gondola ?

You should buy a ticket for Gondola before taking it. It is very easy to find Gondola in the Main Hall. 
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Use the escalator, go up to the 2nd flood of Vivaldi Plaza.

You can see the guide to Gondola boarding place on the left side. 


The one from the below picture is heading to the Sky Lounge.

The gondola to the Snowyland is on the left side, follow the blue guide. 

Give your ticket to the staffs who will guide you. 

It was quite warm inside and the sightseeing was so much nicer than on the floor. 

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

About 10 minutes later, we arrived in the Snowyland !!

Two little Snowmen are greeting you, yay! : )

You can take some pictures with Pengsoo and Snowmen

 Its name is Pengsoo, a new penguin character of 2019 in Korea,

has now gained a large fan base amongst many millennials who find its blunt personality refreshing.

Do you believe there is an Igloo in Korea? 

Outdoor activities are fun, but if you stay outside for a long time, your body will be frozen.

If you want to take a short break, warm yourself up with a stove in the igloo rest area.

🚣‍♀️ Snow Rafting

There are many kinds of Snowsleds. Basically those are for kids but I saw numbers of adults enjoyed a lot there. 

First one with took was Snow Rafting. A boat for 5-6 people maximum. 

The slope was not that high, but it was pretty fast when we rode together in several people.

As expected, children love to have snowball fights.

❄ Snow Tubing

Next station was Snow Tubing. 

The slope is a little high this time, so you have to ride it with another one person for safety reasons.

The slope was quite longer than the Snow Rafting. 

There are a lot of people in the peak season, so you may have to wait a little longer,

so make sure to bring your gloves and muffler to keep warm.

👶 Snowsled for Kids

Last one we rode was for kids. 

Please remember, young children under 36 months of age are restricted from riding. 

For safety, do not use your camera, selfie stick or mobile phone during the ride. 


Look around, you will see the Igloo tunnel.

Passing through the tunnel, there will be some delicious foods to fill your hunger.

Many kinds of menu that you can try.

The price will be 3,000 ~ 12,000 won.

We had Korean traditional snacks, Tteokbokki and Fish cake ! 

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