Review of HALAL Cafe in Korea, VIVALDI Ski Resort

Are you Muslim traveler? Are you looking for Halal food in Korea, Vivaldi Park?

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

South Korea now offers a variety of international foods and diets as Korean society is becoming more diverse! For Muslim travelers to Vivaldi Park, there is a restaurant that provides Halal-based Korean food and are acceptable to Muslims. The one in Nami Island is the first store, and you can find the second one which was opened recently in Vivaldi Park.

Dongmoon Express (Halal cafe) in Vivaldi Park 

It is the second branch of Nami Island’s Halal restaurant, the Asian Family Restaurant which offers quick and delicious meals for Muslim tourists.
Since 32 percent of Vivaldi tourists are Muslims, Dongmoon express made some Halal-based Korean food for the ski tourists.

Enjoy your meal in Dongmoon Express!! 

Among the menu on sale are four types of “Fresh Rap”, seven kinds of “Hearty Rap”, eight kinds of “Mega-lunch Box”, four kind of “Snacks” etc. For your convenience, you can dine in a wide area, pack your food and eat it outdoors or in your accommodation.

Indiway staffs had tried the food of Dongmoon Express in person for specific reviews !

What we tried..

We had one Spicy grilled chicken wrap, one Kimchi fried rice with Cheese lunch box, one Spicy grilled chicken fried rice lunch box and Tteokbokki.
The food were way more tasty than the original Korean food. Also it was very convenient for us to have meals instantly after skiing.
halal cafe in koreahalal cafe in koreahalal cafe in korea

The Most Popular Menu of Dongmoon Express

Family Set   29,500 won
halal snack korea

  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Salad Wrap
  • Kimchi Fried Rice Wrap
  • Bulgogi Fried Rice Lunch Box
  • Tteokbokki (spicy)
  • 3 Sort Drinks

Shrimp Nasi Goreng Wrap   single: 6,700won / Combo: 9,900won
halal snack korea
Fish Cake soup Combo 4,900won
halal snack korea
Fish cake soup is also known as Odeng Guk or Eomuk Guk in Korea. Fishcake is originated in Japan, but is a common Korean food now.
Eomuk Guk, or Korean Fishcake Soup is usually enjoyed as a snack or a light meal in Korea.
Tteokbokki 5,900won
halal korea food
Tteokbokki is popular as a Korean street food and is a delicious relaxing dish that can be made easily at home.
Spicy, slightly sweet, chewy rice cake is simply addictive!
Bulgogi Salad Warp   single: 6,700won / Combo: 9,900won
halal korea food
Literally “fire meat”, is Korean-style grilled made of thin, marinated slices of beef or pork grilled on a barbecue or on a stove-top griddle.
Stewed Best Short Ribs Lunch Bow (Reservation Only)  Original:10,900won / Spicy:10,900won
halal cafe in korea



The restaurant is on the second floor of Main Center which is in front of the Ski resorts.
Contact: 031-580-8097
♣ The information mentioned above can be changed any time since it was published in Dec.2019.

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