Review for Nami Island + Elysian Gangchon Ski Tour Package

Funko has decided to join our customers on our Nami Island and Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Ski Tour Package last Friday. Tour inspection, we say but the actual fact? We just wanted to visit Nami Island and learn skiing. Haha. We have never been to Nami Island in the winter. So how is Nami Island in the winter?
Smooth traffic and 1hr 30mins later, we arrived at Nami Island from Seoul.
Yay for no crowds! You gotta love travelling on a weekday! Good weather, warm sunshine and lots of trees (though half of them are bare as it is winter). The scenery would have been more captivating if it was snowing though.
The highlight of Nami Island is its famous Metasequoia Lane, made famous by popular Korean drama, Winter Sonata. If you have watched Winter Sonata, this is where they shot some of their scenes.
Being surrounded by all these tall and towering metasequoias kept me wondering how long have these trees been living here? How long did it take for them to grow that tall?
Surrounded by Lake Cheongpyeong, the waters by Nami Island were all frozen. Under the warm and bright sunlight, the frozen lake looked like a sea of shimmer and glitter.
Nami Island’s Cherry Tree Lane is especially beautiful in Spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. During winter however, the Cherry Tree Lane exudes a different charm and is just as beautiful with the bare trees.
Nami Island’s Ginkgo Tree Lane is also one of the most popular walking paths. It is one of the most photographed area on Nami Island, especially during autumn when the leaves turn bright yellow, and is pretty popular among couples as well.
Ponds. One of the favourite part of Nami Island among couples. Frozen ponds. Just makes you wanna skate on them. Do not attempt to do it though, lest the ice breaks under your weight.
Train tracks in Nami Island? A blue UNICEF choo-choo train runs in Nami Island and charges only ₩2,000 for each ride. Ride the train for a glimpse of Nami Island!

In the center of Nami Island lies a spacious ostrich ranch where a couple of ostriches roam freely. Do not attempt to feed or play with them though as they are pretty wild and might attack you.

 As it was winter, Nami Island has prepared special winter activities such as ice slides and ice sculptures for children, and well, adults too it seems. Haha. Before you leave, do not forget to write and hang your wishes for the year!
We left Nami island a little earlier to have lunch at one of the dakgalbi (spicy chicken bbq) restaurants near the jetty. You can actually find Korean, Western (pizza restaurant) and Asian food (Includes Halal food) in Nami Island itself as well but we wanted to go to a dakgalbi restaurant. There are many dakgalbi restaurants cluttered around the jetty so you do not have to worry about not getting a space for lunch.
After a relaxing morning, it is now time for some REAL FUN! 40 mins away from Nami Island, located within a beautiful valley, lies Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort where our ski lessons will be held. We stopped by a ski rental shop on the way to pick out our ski gears and clothes. Ski equipment, clothes, boots and gloves are included in the package.
Our ski instructor was friendly, patient and helpful. He’s an eye candy too! Heh heh. Walking in our ski boots and carrying our skis (we looked like we were like dragging our skis though) for the first time was not as easy as we thought it would be. The skis were pretty heavy surprisingly. But our ski instructor was kind enough to help us carry a set of skis up the beginner’s slope.
Ski lessons lasted 30~40 mins and after that, it was 90 mins of free & easy time for us. When we had trouble skiing down the slope, he provided a stable support by holding on to our ski poles so that we could learn how to maintain our body balance while skiing down the slopes. By the end of lesson time, we were breezing through the slopes without any help! The gentle beginner’s slope only though, but still! Good job for first time skiers though, I think!
Have your lunch either in Nami Island or leave Nami Island a little earlier and eat at one of the dakgalbi restaurants near the pier. Eating places at the ski resort are slightly pricier!

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Elysian Gangchon Ski Snowboard Lesson Shuttle Bus Package Funtastic Korea
Elysian Gangchon Ski Snowboard Lesson Shuttle Bus Package Funtastic Korea

Nami Island & Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Shuttle Bus Package Funtastic Korea
Nami Island & Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Shuttle Bus Package Funtastic Korea
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