Restaurant Recommendation- the Tasting Room

The Tasting Extravaganza- Tasting Room


The tasting room is a chain of restaurants that is incredibly popular with the young Korean Seoulites. With over 6 different locations in the top neighborhoods of Seoul, whether the building is a stand alone architectural masterpiece or a cozy and unique nook inside an elite department store, we highly recommend that you visit this restaurant on your next trip to Seoul!


The concept and idea for this amazing restaurant is a restauranter couple that have used an amazing architect and designer to create a mood that is both casual, festive but also natural. Each of their restaurants highlight the use of light, and quirky but minimalistic decor. You won’t find dark, uncomfortable booths here! Most of the architecture is done in pale blonde wood with lots of warm, yellow lighting.

tastingroom3In order to help our readers visit all the locations, we’ve created a google map highlighting the restaurants! So if you happen to be visiting the neighborhoods, what about making a quick stop and visiting one for lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack?

Visit our GoogleMaps Here.  


The most important question is, what kind of food can you try when you are here? It is a mixture of European and American style dishes, but with a distinctive Korean level of flavour and subtlety that we enjoy! They are most famous for their flat breads and desserts, but they have many things on their menu so we highly recommend that you try your way trough the menu!

For more detailed photos, visit the official Tasting Room website!

Our favorite items from the menu

What did we enjoy the most?


They have a great French Onion Soup with a great depth to the broth, and large, chunky pieces of bread piled up high with cheese! It is a great starter to share amongst friends, and does the job perfectly of whetting your appetite and getting you excited to move on to the next dish.


The flatbreads sold at this restaurant are famous, and very good! While many people are particularly obssessed with the version that comes piled high with spinach, we prefer the one with ricotta cheese and bacon- it comes with fresh figs just barely caramalized in the oven, and tastes amazing!

20140829_190550  If you are still hungry after that, (or you are made up of a group of more than 2 people) we recommend the “jukkummi pasta”. This is an example of a fusion dish, which is tiny baby octopus that is very popular in Korean cuisine, but with pasta! They are very, very generous with the seafood.

20150912_205650   Finally for dessert (do you recognize this photo from our instagram account?) we highly recommend the vanilla ice cream and oreos! It is a hot pan full of crushed oreos and the most amazing, decadent vanilla ice cream we have tried in a long while- they go together perfectly in creating a harmony that your tastebuds will enjoy!

They even serve wine by the class, carafe, half a bottle, 3/4 of a bottle- you ge the idea!

So what about dropping by this Tasting Room the next time you are looking for something to eat in Seoul?

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