Restaurant Recommendation- Goldfish Dimsum!

A HOTHOTHOT and MUST VISIT Restaurant- Goldfish Dimsum! 


This week, we at BnBHero visited many restaurants for our readers in order to provide a truly local review- but while there are hundreds of amazing Korean restaurants, there are also hundreds of amazing international restaurants! We are hard to work to provide particularly Halal friendly cuisine recommendations, but we also wanted to share this amazing Dimsum Restaurant!

Located in Apgujeong Rodeo (you read that right! Where Domayaki Dugout, the luxury shopping district, amazing lamb skewers, and Korea’s number one jazz bar are all located!), we had such a great time trying out the food, we had to share! It is best to go with three, because most of the dim sum items have three items… (see how strategic we are?) but the staff are amazingly friendly and accommodating, and will let you order one more item each, if there are 4 people!

Warning: we highly recommend visiting at lunch, because some of the items are so popular that they sell out well in advance! There are many items we couldn’t try this time around, but don’t worry, we will go back and try everything! (Maybe soon we will have to post some exercising articles for our own health…)

The Restaurant


Is surprisingly small and intimate, and located on the second floor. The kitchen is half open concept kitchen, but once the food starts coming you are too busy eating to take a look around!


While we were there, the turnover was very fast! But we recommend that you make a reservation- because we saw many large groups turned away at the door. A weekday is probably better than the weekend (friday night also!)! 

The Meu 

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The menu isn’t budget friendly, we admit- because the portions are small to encourage sharing. But it is also a great way to sample a few dishes, and control your own budget! The food is amazing, addictive, and a “not to be missed at all” opportunity!

The Food!!

We ordered the har gau, jiu cai jiao, shao mai, “radish cake” sauteed, prawn toast, and signature fried rice!


The har gao were deliciously plump with a lot of filling and very thin, delicate shell casing- sometimes we’ve tried terribly bland and thick skinhed har gao, but this was the opposite! It was also very delicately seasoned, and an amazing starter!

The  jiu cai jiao was also very good! Normally this writer is NOT a fan of vegetables, but the filling was very deliciously made with enough vegetables to make one feel healthy, but with just the right about of bite and texture that she could pretend she was eating something else!

The shao mai were also amazing- but this writer forgot to take a photo because she was too busy eating…


The prawn toast was THIS WRITERS FAVORITE!! Piping hot and crispy coating that your bite into, the warm, juicy bite of prawn and the softer oomph of bread, but there was also something crispy hiding inside the toast that would give your mouth that refreshing ‘asak’ texture! Plus, the addition of coriander meant that every bite had a refreshing bite so you could eat more. And more.

This writer admits- she ordered a second plate of this and when everyone was distracted made sure she had TWO more!

The sauteed radish cake was also amazing! The stir fried/deep fried chunks were actually radish cake, which is unbelievable because to this writer it just tasted like rice cake! Kind of like a crispy, savory “tteokbokki” except with enough flavoring that you could keep eating it forever!


The signature fried rice had a healthy dose of pepper, and was a perfect compliment to the radish cakes! It was a great way of rounding off the meal, and the generous dose of prawn meant that everyone was able to have two pieces each!

The important information 

The Dimsum restaurant is located closes to Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Bundang line) and is a little bit of a walk, but we found it very easy to find! It is on the second floor, so be sure to be on the lookout!


They do not have a website, but they do have a facebook page (in Korean!)

Address: 657-5 Sinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone Number: 02-511-5266

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