[Accommodation Highlight] Recommended rooms in Suncheon


Suncheon  is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. It is a scenic agricultural and industrial city of around 250,000 people near Suncheon Bay. If you come visit here, there are some recommended housing for you. The hosts are nice and kind who welcomed many visitors before and visitors left good comments and impression.


◎Kind family house  (https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/2501)

This is a new apartment is located near the center of Suncheon joryedong. It is very silent in neiborhood and the facility is clean. Suncheon station, Suncheon Bus Terminal are 10-minute away by taking taxi.

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◎Garden Expo – An apartment room with clear & fresh wind #2 (https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/1986)

It located on Samsung apartment in Yongdang – a breath of fresh air within  the beautiful mountains behind the apartment. It’s convenient to take a 5-minute taxi to Suncheon bus terminal.  The host has certificated for cooking Korean food,especially dealing with Kimchi; therefore, visitors could experience it as long as paying for materials. (10,000won) Moreover, visitors can experience the hanbok any time without additional cost here.


Suncheon Bay Hanok mums room (https://www.mykoreatrip.com/en/rooms/2926)

As we mentioned Sunchoen bay is worth visiting, this Hanok is located a 5-minute walk to the Suncheon Bay! It’s a good chance to stay in Hankok in Suncheon and enjoy this Korea- travelling experience.


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