Ready for Busan Sea Festival?


Is anyone planning to go Busan this summer? If so, then you should never miss this fun relaxing festival in Busan, Busan Sea Festival ! ! !


The 21st Busan Sea Festival now is calling you to book the flight ticket to Busan right now ! ! !

Date: 2016. 08. 01(Mon) ~ 08. 07(Sun)

Venue: Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, Dadaepo Beach and Songjeong Beach


Host by the Organizing Committee for Busan Culture & Tourism Festival, they offer a lot of fun programs, events and performances for tourists and locals to enjoy their time during the festival!

Concerts, hip hop festival, rock festival, jazz open concert, watermelon punch contest, dynamic body contest, summer salsa night, what else? Come and explore more in person then!




1015-1 Jung 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan
부산광역시 해운대구 중1동 1015


Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songdo Beach, Songjeong Beach, etc.



Come Busan in Summer and enjoy this cultural ocean festival and meet the enthusiastic Busan people ! ! !

Accommodation recommended in Busan:

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