Popular Snacks in Korea

So what do you guys eat during your holidays at Korea or what of snacks/ street food you guys wish to try in Korea?? Today we gonna introduce few type of Korea snacks that you can easily spot and find all the way during your travel.

1. Gimbap (김밥)
Steamed rice is either simply seasoned with salt or with baehapcho, a mixed seasoning of vinegar, sugar and salt. The rice is then placed on a sheet of dried laver. Strips of eggs, eomuk (fish cake), carrot, seasoned spinach and pickled radish are then placed in the middle.



2. Tteok-bokki (떡볶이)

Tteok-bokki, along with gimbap and odaeng(skewered fish cake), is one of the most common foods sold by street vendors.Rice powder is steamed and made into a long cylinder-shaped rice cake called garae-tteok. This rice cake is cut into finger size pieces and cooked with korean sauce.


3. Sundae (순대)

Sundae is a traditional sausage made of the lining of pig intestines stuffed with a mixture of bean curd, vegetables and potato noodles. It is usually dipped in seasoned salts and in some regions. But you can also dipped with tteokbbokki sauce.


4. Eomuk (어묵)

Eomuk is usually referred to as odaeng. Odaeng is a kind of fish cake, made of ground fish. This fish cake is skewered and boiled in water along with radish and green onions. This popular dish is selling everywhere in Korea. You can also get it at subway station as well..


5. Twigim (튀김)

Twigim is the general term for deep fried food covered with a flour batter. Squid, dumplings, potatoes, shrimp and assorted vegetables are the usually main ingredients. They taste even better dipped in tteokbbokki sauce or soy sauce.


6. Hotteok (호떡)

Hotteok are chewy pancakes, usually stuffed with various combinations of sugar and walnuts or pine nuts. Besides that Hotteok are the cheap street snacks around Seoul and you can fill full with this snacks.

7. Bungeo-ppang (붕어빵)

Bungeo-ppang gets its name from its fish-like shape, which is especially popular in winter. This sweet snack is molded in the shape of a carp. The pancake batter-like shell is filled with red-bean paste.


8. Gyeran-ppang (계란빵)

Gyeranppang is a warm snack sold throughout Korea. It is filled with egg and it has a shape of rounded rectangle. Besides that it also taste sweet as well. It is also a street food.


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