Plan Your Trip To Korea

For those who have plans for a trip to Korea, we want to share information about what things are needed for preparing your trip to Korea.

1. Book your flight tickets

Book your flight tickets

There are many flight aggregator sites in operation right now. Just decide when to go, and the site will search multiple airlines and list down by the cheapest price possible. Below is an example from the site :

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So when is the best time to visit Korea? We would say during Spring and Autumn. Go for early Spring (April) if you want to see beautiful cherry blossoms, but the rest of Spring is equally beautiful too with colourful flowers and very pleasant cool weather. Autumn is around late September to early November, and it is also cool with the sights of leaves changing colours.

2. Determine places you want to go

Determine places you want to go

There are eight categories you can visit while travelling In Korea:

  • Palaces/Traditional Villages/Cultural Buildings & Experience
  • Performances/Theaters
  • Nature’s Places/Parks/Rivers
  • Shopping/Places to buy Souvenirs
  • Museums
  • K-Pop/K-Drama Places of Interest
  • One Day Visits/Theme Parks
  • Other Attractions

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Decide which categories interest you most, or go to one place for each category! Also it is highly recommended to look at Korean Tourism Organization’s website for the places you want to visit and find out the admission fees (if there’s any), opening hours and other information. Look at places you can go in one visit (nearing each other) and plan how long you will be spending there; 1 hour? 2 hours? Half a day? One whole day?

3. Plan stops for permissible meals and prayers

Plan stops for permissible meals and prayers

You can find many halal restaurants near Itaewon area. For information about Halal Food and Prayer Place in Korea, you can get information from Korean tourism site or you can follow Muslim Korea Travel Tips By Bnb Hero on facebook.

If you can’t find prayer room around the tourist sites that friends visit, this is where Muslims would have to be creative. Do like what students in non-Muslim countries do: pray in nursing rooms (only if you are female okay), under the stairs, at the parks, in changing rooms etc. The whole world is our mosque 🙂 Bring with you a qiblah compass, spritz bottle for ablution, small cloth to be put on the floor and you’re good to go.

4. Book for accommodation

Book for accommodation

Where to stay? For those looking for cheaper and more homey experience, Seoul have two areas with a concentration of guesthouses and hostels: Mapo-gu and Jongno-gu especially around Anguk-dong. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find cheap accommodation elsewhere.

It is very recommended that you book for accommodation near to the subway station of the line you most frequently use in the trip. This way you will spend less time (and energy walking) for changing line. The walk to change line is not really near. So, how about book for accomodation through Bnb hero?

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