Pick me! Pick me! Produce 48

The hottest Korean survival reality TV show recently is Produce 48 definitely! Have you heard this program before? It’s the 3rd season now but every time this TV show is popular! Season 1 is for girl group selection and the season 2 is a boy group version.


This year, 2018, the season 3 is holding.


Why this time is so special? Because there is a collaboration with J-pop idol group AKB48. The name is also changed to Produce 48 from Produce 101. It is a large-scale project in which the public “produces” a girl group by Internet voting for members out of a pool of 96 trainees from South Korea and Japan.

However, only Korean viewers could have an opportunity to vote. (Because of Korean TV program?)

The winning 12 contestants, with no nationality limits, will promote as a group for two and a half years. If the AKB members are selected, they still could maintain their own career at the same time. The program itself is primarily in Korean, with all members getting instant interpretation feeds but the contestants are required to learn Korean and Japanese basically.


Everyday viewers could log in the official website to vote for 12 contestants they like. They will release the ranking chart weekly till the final.



Here’s their series’ theme song. “내꺼야 (Pick Me)


The most popular Korean member is Lee Gaeun.


The most popular Japanese member is Miyawaki Sakura.


Of course, there are many good and hardworking girls.

Let’s say fighting for those girls!


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