Performing art of Korea

Scientifically collect, preserve and exhibit performing art resources to examine the trends of Korean performing arts. Also bring to life the dormant, precious resources and relics that have been produced over a hundred year long history.

The exhibitions of the Museum can be characterized by the interaction between exhibits and audiences. Installed video monitors so that audiences could view the scenes of previous performances along with programs and photos.

The chronicle of performing arts in Korea and the events and performances of the NTOK are also exhibited along with major performances at the entrance of the exhibition space.

What is more interesting is that we exhibit stage costumes, rooms for artists, set designs and artifacts used for performances. Also have archives where researchers and students can search records and resources in regard to performances.


With these contents and functions, the Performing Arts Museum intends to reflect the history of performing arts and set the direction for new forms of arts through exhibitions, conservation, research and education.


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The Museum is small and is not perfect. But, it has taken a significant first step forward. The first performing arts museum in Korea for those who love performing arts and visit the museum.

The Museum closes on Jan.1 and every Monday.

Adminssion Fee : Free

Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 ~ 18:00

Visitors can be admitted until one hour before closing (17:00)Children under six must be accompanied by an adult.


The Museum of Performing Arts is in the building behind the parking lot together with Byeloreum Studio. You can find it by going straight from the main gate of National Theater of Korea and turning right at Haeoreum Grand Theater. After passing Haeoreum Grand Theater and coming down to the parking lot, you can go across the parking lot to reach the building. Also, you can go down the stairs in front of Daloreum Theater to move to the direction of the Museum of Performing Arts.



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