:::Penguin Macaron::: enjoy the sweetness

You definitely know what we would do in summer time! That’s eating ice cream haha. Although we could eat ice cream every season, I feel that eating ice cream in the hot summer days is the best! We usually put some ice cream on brownie and it really matches! Have you imagined we could eat ice cream with another dessert we also like? How about… French dessert macaron! 
Today I’m gonna recommend you a famous macaroon ice cream food-stand. “Penguin Macaron”

It’s a newly dessert food-stand in Seoul. It started from Hyehwa and now it has been many shops in Seoul, even in Busan! They serve some ice cream flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, green tea, cheese cake, and bischoco(biscuit mixed chocolate).

Actually you could choose the macaron you want to eat and the ice cream you want to taste for making your own style macaron ice cream cake! As long as you ask the staff, they would love to serve you. It’s up to you! 
↑ The first penguin macaron food stand! Sometimes you have to wait for 5-10 minutes because of many people. It really worths(^_−)−☆ And the price around ₩3000.
I don’t need to describe how attractive it is. You all could tell from the picture I took. Oh I also wanna have it right now while posting this article!! My friends and I recommended cheese cake and strawberry flavors. If it’s hard for you to decide, just ask the staff which one is the most popular! (^○^)  

How to get there?

Take subway Line 4 to Hyehwa station. Walk out from exit 4 and you would see it soon. 
-official website(Korean)



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