[Part 3] WOLMIDO : From the Battle Ground to the Natural Attractive Tourism

[Part 3] WOLMIDO


According to the introduction of part 2, it was presented that natural sightseeing location in Wolmido essentially gains the upperhands over the Park Hill theme which were victoriously created culture and art street , Amusement Park, Fountain Square, Good Harvest Square, etc. However the one of natural scenery of Wolmido , still getting popular today,is followed :



After 50 long years, Mt. Wolmisan has been returned to Incheon. Pummeled by naval bombardments during the Korean War, it has finally recovered its original appearance , receiving visitors again. Wolmi Park is perfect for an afternoon stroll. The park is quiet and peaceful. The road lining up to the mountain is greenery and will become colorful in April for cherry blossoms period. The waterfall is beautiful and the gardens are full of flowers and other vegetation. The wildflowers whose names are as poetic as their blooms, like Lilies of the valley, Bellflowers, Dayflowers and Cherrybells adorn the mountain. Wolmi Park is one of Incheon’s rare natural ecology centers. It is natural classroom of ecologies with varieties of animals and plants. As many as 264 species, including mammals such as racoons and wild birds such as kestrels – a natural memorial – and eagle owls are found. Also, numerous tree types, including oak trees, P. sargentii and Korean white pines are growing around.


Particularly, there also is popular Observation Tower in Wolmi Park. When getting at the top of Mt. Wolmisan, its full scope is taken place. The view stretches out into a panorama of mountains and sea to land’s end. Whoever stands on this summit, 108m above sea level, will discover something new about Incheon’s beauty; the port, Jayu Park, downtown streets, Mt. Munhaksan, Mt. Gyeyangsan, and Incheon International Airport from far away with gleaming dragonflies landing or taking off. How well worth the trip it is!




252, Wolmi-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon


Wolmido Travel Information 032-765-4169

Festival enquiries:

Cultural Relations Division at Jung-gu office,

Telephone: 032-760-7255, 032-760-7133, 032-760-7224

Open time (Local):

° March – October 06:00-18:00

° November – February 07:00-17:00

Parking Facilities :



# From Seoul

Subway: “Incheon Station” (1-st line), then transfer to bus 2,15,23 or 45 to Wolmido for 900 won or take a taxi for 2500 won

# From Incheon

There is a local buses to Wolmido : 2,15,23,45. All those buses stop at “Incheon Station” and “DongIncheon Station”.

# From Incheon Int’l Airport

Visitors have to go to Yeongjong Wharf by bus No.202 or by taxi. Stop of the bus is on the 3-rd floor of the airport near Exit 5. I repeat again : on the 3-rd floor, not the 1-st one, where most of buses departs. You can see the bus No.202 stop on the map of the 3-rd and the 4-th floor and the bus route on Yeongjongdo island map. Then the bus makes a short circle around transportation center and goes to Yeongjongdo Wharf. Time 30 min, fare 900 won, schedule is here). Before you take a taxi read my comment. Then take the car ferry YeongjongdoWolmido (15 min, fare 2000 won).

#When driving…

1st/2nd Gyeongin Highway – HaincheonWolmido

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