Paragliding in Danyang, Korea!

Best Paragliding in Korea! – Danyang Paragliding Experience. 
Ever wonder how does Mother Nature look like from above? Paragliding in Danyang-gun, Korea would be the answer for that. Not only do you get to check off your #bucketlist, you also get a perfect view of Korea’s beautiful landscapes just beneath you! You might be hesitating right now along with a thought that goes like “Paragliding. It must be super scary. Can I really do this?” Despite having an experience with 50m bungee jumping, I had the exact same sentiments prior to my first paragliding experience that I was about to embark on. Trust me, the following photos will do justice to your final decision.
Danyang Paragliding_2

Spectacular view of the fall foliage beneath me. Can’t ask for a better photo than this, taken by the paragliding instructor whom I was assigned to.

Danyang Paragliding

I was repeatedly reminded to wave to the camera and smile! 😀 Though it may seem kinda awkward to be smiling foolishly to the camera whilst in mid air, looking back at the video and in comparison with friends who were either only chatting with the instructor or looking down at scenery, I’m glad to have followed what my instructor told me to do so. Hahas

Danyang Paragliding_3

Throughout the ride, I was genuinely blown away by the magnificent scenery beneath me. I just couldn’t stop smiling to myself (as evident in the photo above).

Danyang Paragliding_4

For the adventurous who are fans of thrill rides in amusement parks, this might be your favorite segment. I call it the Viking sensation because it really made me felt as if I was sitting on a 1-seater Viking ship, in mid-air. : lol:

Danyang Paragliding_5

Here’s a capture of the absolute fun moment I had while the instructor was (sorta painstakingly.. from his expression above) trying to hover/navigate the entire ‘Viking’ process.

The entire experience usually ranges from about 10 minutes long, and I must say that it was the happiest 10-min moments in my life.


Danyang-gun, Chungcheonguk-do, Korea

*Danyang is the most popular and famous region in the nation for paragliding. 


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How to get there?

✓ Getting there by car is the most ideal situation. Put this phone number (043-423-2633) into the navigation.
If you do not wish to drive in Korea, hire a van with driver from INDIWAY VAN!

✓ If you want to join a hassle-free, guided, private trip to Danyang, take a look at Danyang Paragliding Private Tour.