Oyster, great Winter food in Korea


What is the best food you can enjoy in Korea during Winter season? We are definitely sure that oyster is the one you have to try as much as you can in Winter.

Oyster is usually quite expensive in other countries but it is reasonably cheap in Korea from late Autumn until early Spring. Also, it is extremely fresh as Korea has lots of oyster farms in South Coast and they deliver fresh oyster to shops daily.

Here are some suggestions how you can enjoy oyster in Korea in Winter. You will regret if you miss this chance in Winter. ^ ^

1. Eat fresh oyster
Buy unshelled oyster from supermarket (emart, Lotte mart, etc). In most cases in Korea, oyster is sold in a water filled pack after unshelling. You can also buy fresh water cleaned oyster as well (no need to wash at home). Buy Korean spicy sauce for raw fish (회고추장 for dipping). Fresh oyster is a fantastic menu for oyster/seafood lovers. We recommend to buy a bottle of White wine or Soju as well. ^ ^

2. Cook at your room
If your room has kitchen, it is quite simple to make pan fried Oyster. Buy Oyster, flour, vegetable, egg, cooking oil. Cook oyster pan cake (or just pan fry) as you want. It will be a great experience program in the evening. ^ ^

3. Eat oyster at restaurants
You can go to restaurants with Oyster dish menu and followings are our recommendation
– Oyster Juk(죽, porridge). There are many Juk restaurants and ‘Bon Juk (본죽)’ is a quite popular brand
– Oyster rice soup (굴국밥)
– Seafood hot pot rice (해물 영양솥밥).
– Seafood pan cake. Many restaurants add oyster in Winter
– Fresh oyster. Go to fresh raw fish (생선회) restaurant
– Deep fried oyster
– Oyster BBQ (you need to find specific restaurant for this menu from internet)

Great taste, greater price and the greatest for heath. Why do you miss all these chances? ^ ^

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Oyster rice soup (굴국밥) and Deep fried oyster


Unshelled oyster in a sea water filled pack (popular sales format in Korea)


Some oyster packages are fresh water washed (no need to wash to eat)


half-unshelled oyster with Korean spicy source


Seafood hot pot rice (oyster and many other seafood)


Oyster Juk (굴죽), porridge


Seafood pan cake


Bon Juk (most popular Juk brand in Korea)


Oyster with a glass of White wine (great with Soju as well)

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