One more for the road- amazing and addictive Tteokbokki!

Sideshow Tteokbokki- amazing food but also amazing decorations! 

We have introduced our favorite tteokbokki restaurants to you not once, not twice, but THREE times, and now we’ve come up with another! This week we went to visit a famous Tteokbokki restaurant that we have been stalking like crazy on instagram, because it looks delicious, and they put real meat on top of the gorgeous dish!

(Look at the photos, how could you say no??)

Sideshow Tteokbokki has two branches in Seoul, one in Hongdae (near Hongik University) and one in Coex Mall (which we highly recommend you visit!). We went to the one in Coex Mall, and found it a very interesting and amusing place with great food, great decor, and also great staff!

The restaurant is decorated with action characters predominantly from Marvel, but do you see Luffy from One Piece, and a Minion on the wall? We loved the decor, and the fact that they had a huge, life sized image of bat man at the entrance! it is a great place to grab a quick snack, or enjoy it for lunch or dinner!

The store in Coex is not that big, but there are plenty of seats, and the wait is not too long! This place has been famous amongst Koreans for quite a while, so you will see plenty of Korean students hanging out during lunch, and a larger rush at night as people finish work and come to eat something delicious!

The famous item at this restaurant is tteokbokki that you cook in front of you! The most popular item is the one that comes with mountains of meat, and look how beautiful it is! Because the meat is so thin, the moment it cooks you are recommended to eat the meat first, and then the noodles- because otherwise both will become hard as they over cook! This gives plenty of time for the rest of the rice cakes, fish cakes and others to simmer slowly in the spicy and delicious sauce.

This time while we are waiting, we also ordered some french fries! This french fries came with garlic sauce, which they will come back and refill (the sauce only, not the french fries!) if you run out! Isn’t that a great way of continuously enjoying the chips and great service idea!

The Menu Introduction

We ordered the second item on the menu, which is the one that comes with extra meat! Chaddeolbakki is a type of cut of beef that is extremely thin and tasty! 2 person serving is 17,000 won, and 3 portion serving is 19,000 one. We recommend that you order the smaller size because then you can have a lot of side dishes, AND also make sure you have space for the fried rice after!

Frenchfries come in original, butter garlic, and cheese- we recommend the butter garlic, and remember! They give you free refill of the sauce (they will come by and drizzle more on whenever you need it!) so don’t worry!

Another thing they have on the menu is Grapefruit-ade and grapefruit-beer, which we also highly recommend!

The fried  rice comes in normal, with fish eggs, or with extra mozzarella cheese- the cheese gives it an extra gooey goodness that is both addictive and delicious!

All the toppings for the tteokbokki do need to be ordered separately so please keep in mind that you have to consider the extra charge! The top must have items are egg (1,000 won),  ricecake (1,500), extra noodles (1,000) and fried seaweed rolls (1,500)!

So what do you think? This is one of our favorite tteokbokki restaurants in Seoul! So what about enjoying some amazing tteokbokki, taking some photos with life sized superheros, and enjoying Korea?

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