One Day Trip to Asan (II) – Hyeonchungsa Shrine

Welcome back everyone!! In our previous post of One Day Trip to Asan (I), we’ve experienced the beauty of Ginkgo Avenue~  

Now we’re at the end of Ginkgo Avenue and about to set off to our next destination – Hyeonchungsa Shrine! Well just turn left and go across a bridge, keep walking straight, Hyeonchungsa Shrine is within walking distance.

Along the way heading to the Shrine, you can also enjoy the view of golden fields and the clear sky~

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File 10-4-15, 12 14 26 AM

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On the way to Hyeonchungsa Shrine

Hyeonchungsa Shrine is built in memory of Korea’s national hero commander Yi Sun-sin (이순신). If it is hard to think of, do you still remember that really tall statue right in the front of Gwanghwamun (광화문) Plaza? Right! That’s exactly a memorial statue of Yi Sun-sin.

Yi Sun-sin (이순신) was the Naval Commander of the Three Provinces till 1896, he is very famous around the world for his Turtle Ship (거북선), and the fights with Japanese navy during Japanese invasions of Korea. The royal court of Korea bestowed title of honor Chungmugong (충무공) upon him, meaning ‘Duke of Loyalty and Warfare’.

This Hyeonchungsa is consisted of a large park, memorial hall, and the shrine itself, all built in memory of Yi Sun-sin for he had lived sometime in Asan.

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Introduction of the park

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The first must visit is Chongmugong Yi Sunsin Memorial Museum, there’re many precious historical items, sea map, and ship models showing the battlefield, very interesting.

File 10-4-15, 12 20 33 AM

File 10-4-15, 12 20 53 AM

Sea Map of the Time

File 10-4-15, 12 22 56 AM

Models of Korean Warships

File 10-4-15, 12 23 19 AM

Battle Array Chart by Yi Sun-sin

File 10-4-15, 12 23 31 AM

File 10-4-15, 12 23 43 AM

Portrait of Yi Sun-sin

File 10-4-15, 12 23 59 AM


After visiting the museum, you can keep go deeper inside while enjoying the fine scenery of the park. Pine trees and bamboos are planted everywhere, the greenness really helps to relax your mood from daily work and the stress of busy city.

File 10-4-15, 1 04 21 AM

File 10-4-15, 12 24 11 AM

File 10-4-15, 12 24 53 AM

The Maple’s Staring turning Red

When you see this traditional Korean styled wall, you’re not far from the Shrine~

File 10-4-15, 1 03 52 AM

File 10-4-15, 1 04 09 AM

Enter the Chungmumun (충무문: Gate of Loyalty and Warfare) and we are about to see the Shrine

File 10-4-15, 1 04 39 AM

Unique Styled Pine Trees along the Road

Here you are!! Right in front of the Hyeonchungsa Shrine! Yi Sun-sin’s Statue is worshiped inside, you can get a close view of this hero of Korea.

File 10-4-15, 1 04 51 AM

Hyeonchungsa Shrine

File 10-4-15, 1 05 14 AM

A View from Hyeonchungsa Shrine – All Symmetric Designed!!

File 10-4-15, 1 05 50 AM

The trip to both Ginkgo Avenue and Hyeonchungsa Shrine is quite manageable within a single day, you may also have time for a slow dinner in downtown Asan. And if want to stay for an extra day, go to one of the hot springs after a day’s walking will be a great relax as well!!

And if you haven’t read our post on Ginkgo Avenue, click One Day Trip to Asan (I) – Ginkgo Avenue right now! There are many beautiful pics, and useful transportation information about how to get to Asan from central Seoul as well!!


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