One Day Trip to Asan (I) – Ginkgo Avenue

Asan(아산) is a city located in South Chungcheong Province of Korea. Maybe you’ve already heard of Asan before for its famous hot springs and spas, but there are actually many more attractions worth visiting around the area,  let’s explore more about the beautiful city Asan!

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Taking Seoul’s subway is the easiest and cheapest way to get to Asan. Seoul Subway Line 1 goes directly to Asan Station (아산역), and it takes about 2 and a half hours, and only around 3,000 won to get there from Seoul Station (서울역). You also have other options such as taking a KTX train from Seoul Station to Asan, which will cost you about 14,000 won each, but a lot faster, the KTX can get you there around only 40 minutes.

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As you already knew, autumn is the best season to travel in Korea, the chill is turning leaves red and yellow and extremely beautiful. So today we’re going to the Ginkgo Avenue, a really hot spot in autumn. Yeah!

Since Ginkgo Avenue is not actually located nearby downtown Asan city, you can choose to take off at Baebang Station (배방역), next station of Asan Station (아산역), if you’re taking Subway Line 1, for it’s nearer to the spot. Then take a taxi about 10 mins to Ginkgo Avenue (은행나무길)!!

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This is reeeeally beautiful even the leaves haven’t started changing color. Just love the green showing full vitality!! And the best season to come is during October and November, what are you waiting for, start planning your trip NOW!!! You’ll never want to miss the best view!!

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Starting point of Ginkgo Avenue

The Ginkgo trees growing along the avenue are very tall and big, must been growing over years. Their leaves cover all over that you can hardly see through the end!

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Ginkgo Trees in Green

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Welcome from Asan city

 Besides the stunning beauty of natural scenery, there are also many cute creative art works~ Great for photo taking!!

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Unique Cute Benches

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Resting Square and Convenience Store at the central area

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Asan Culture Center

Right beside the Ginkgo Avenue, there’s the famous wooden bridge for sightseeing and beautiful flower fields. The sky of autumn is so high and clear~ And this gonna become even more romantic when the Ginkgo turns into yellow~

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View on the Wooden Bridge

We highly recommend you take your time with some friends and walk slowly through the whole length of the Ginkgo Avenue, chatting, taking pictures, it’s not a very long distance, and the end of Ginkgo Avenue will also lead you to another recommended attraction of Asan – Hyeonchungsa Shrine (현충사)!!

We will share more pictures and information on Hyeonchungsa Shrine (현충사) in our next post about the One Day Trip to Asan ^^ If you have heard of the famous Korean commander Yi Sun-sin and willing to know more, don’t miss it! Click One Day Trip to Asan (II) – Hyeonchungsa Shrine!

Below are some more information on attractions of Asan~ Hope you find the one you love!

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  1. Hi, I have 1 question. Is Asan station is the same with Cheonan Asan ? Im going here from Busan, though I could take KTX and stop at Cheonan Asan…(?)

    Thank you!


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