One day free shuttle bus to Jeonju -foreigners only-

Besides Seoul, there are many places in Korea worth visiting. And Jeonju is one of them.

Known as a city with 1000-year history, Jeonju is also promoted as a gateway to traditional Korean culture and gastronomy. The Hanok Village in Jeonju is one of the most famous tourist attractions that many Koreans and foreigners visit every year. The Hanok Village, where traditional Korean houses from the Joseon Period are preserved, offers traditional Korean cuisine, hanji, or traditional Korean paper, and oriental medicine. Tourists can get a hands-on experience at various tourist facilities and historic sites in the city. (resources: wiki)

What’s better, until the Dec. 27th of 2015, foreigners could online apply for free shuttle to visit Jeonju every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday^_^


The bus leaves at 08:00 a.m. in Gwanghwamun. It takes around 3 hours to Jeonju. And it leaves Jeonju at 17:00; also takes 3 hours, arrivihg at Seoul around 20:00 p.m. The meeting place at parking lot in front of Donghwa duty free shop. Just go subway to Gwanghwamun exit 6 and you will find it easily.
☆How to apply?
Be the free member first and then choose the date you want to go, fill in the blanks about personal information, send, and wait the result via e-mail.


Which date could I select?

According to the schedule, the numbers next to each shuttle route indicate the number of seats applied for that date.

Maximum 2 tickets allowed per person. In the case of 3 or more passengers, the second reservation must be made using a different name. There is no limit to the amount of times the shuttle can be used. The boarding ticket will be delivered individually via E-mail.

We accept the applications until 3 days before the departure.

In the event that seats are available, last minute passengers without any booking are welcome.

***Please bring your ORIGINAL passport to confirm your identity. (We cannot accept alien registration, written confirmation document, or copy of passport) 


We only provide shuttle buses for foreigners who reserved on our website before boarding.

We choose the winners of the lottery bus ticket for letting more people can use this service.

We accept the applications until 3 days before the departure.
When everything settled down, the only thing is to plan where to eat in Hanok village!  

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