Off the beaten path- Seoul’s Gyeongridan-gil

An off the beaten path near Itaewon’s Gyeongridan-gil

Have you heard of Gyeongridan-Gil?

Located in between Itaewon and Noksapyong station, it is a little bit off the beaten road, but full of interesting restaurants, bars and small stores! The area is more clearly marked on navermap, so we thought we would show you a brief layout of where Gyeongridan-gil is!

Gyeongridan-gil is also spelt Kyungridan-gil, so if you have seen other guides on this area, don’t be confused! However we thought we’d take you deeper inside Gyeongridan-gil to an area known in Korea as “화나무길” which is a type of Korean Tree-Street (Hwae Tree Street!)


Today at BnBHero, we thought we would point out a few interesting shops, restaurants and cafes along this small street! Confused, lost, or need more detailed directions? We have mapped these locations on a public googlemap, with photos!

Check Out the Google Map Here! 


If you walk straight up from Noksapyong Station, you will eventually reach a crossroad where you will see this sign “Noxa”. You can consider this the start of Gyeongridan-gil! On the left side there are many bars, restaurants and bars lining the main street, so whether you are hungry for a bite to eat or just want to rest your legs with a nice cold beer, there are plenty of choices!


You know you’ve reached the starting point when you see this line of restaurants! The bars and pubs might look very narrow, but the buildings are surprisingly deep- and there is such a variety of offerings, surely one will catch your fancy!

But don’t forget, this is just the beginning!



Don’t forget there are also restaurants on the second and third floors!


Our first recommendation is Monster Cupcake! We liked it because of the ET doll outside, and all the people lined up outside! Normally don’t women like to line up for cupcakes? We were very curious, so we decided to take a closer look!


Monster Cupcake also offers beverages, but even more exciting is their monster themed cupcakes!


Cupcake Photo Courtesy of 아코

Our favorite is Cookie Monster! What an interesting variety of cupcakes!


Almost right next door there is a famous Korean BBQ Restaurant! We took this photo at about 3pm, so there are no body there- but usually in the evenings it is very crowded! A casual, easy going place, it is the 2nd restaurant, and it is difficult to pass by when the mouth watering smell of meat sizzling on the grill entices you for just one little bite!


The streets are not very narrow, but please keep an eye out for traffic!


When you come across this pharmacy you need to turn left! The street splits, and it might look very strange walking down the quieter and narrower alley, but we are not taking you somewhere strange and dangerous!


Almost there….


And here we are!


Welcome to the beginning of Hwae-Namu Gil!


Right at the entrance there is a very interesting store, that sells “souvenirs”. Odds and ends that are reminiscent of our childhood, you might find something unusual and interesting to bring back home!


   Anything that catches your eyes?

Lets start with the food recommendations!


This restaurant is called “Mun-Ori”, which takes the first character for Octopus and the combines it with Duck. They only have one dish here, a specialty and very popular with Koreans! It might be a little bit spicy, but tastes amazing with a nice cold beer- or Korean Soju!

munori munori1

Food Photo Courtesy of 권도리


This place is called “Macho’s Hut” and it is a BBQ house- but not only is it amazing Barbecue, but the restaurant has a camping theme- which is perfect for the summer!


Barbecue! Because while we can never get too tired of barbecue, sometimes a different theme makes it more exciting :).

machos machos1 machos2

Food Photos courtesy of FascinatedDoh


This place is called “Noodle House” in Korean, and sells typical Korean snack food- tteokbokki, noodles, dumplings, and has the most adorable art on their windows and their walls! If you are not looking for a big meal, what about dropping by and having a little snack?

2guksujib1 guksujib guksujib1

Food Photo Courtesy of AsongforBaby


We couldn’t help but stop in front of the perfume house because of the window decoration- what a romantic sign!


It is a very interesting place to drop by!


On the way we saw more interesting art work- but this isn’t a gallery, it’s a sandwich store!


Looking to eat somewhere famous? What about a celebrity chef restaurant? Chef Chang Jin-Woo has a chain of restaurants on this street, and two right next to each other! We at BnBHero had a chance to eat at Grand Bleu, and not only was the food amazing, but the atmosphere was also very fantastic!


In Grand Bleu, there is only one long table, so it is quite intimate- be sure to go early because they only open for lunch and dinner, and there is only one table!

1436498726043 1436498726193 1436498726275 1436498726443 1436498726522 1436498727005

The food is even more delicious than the photos!


For a snack, what about some Eclairs? What we love is there you can actually see the patissier inside making the eclairs! It is a very famous eclair store that runs out in the evenings, so be sure to go early!

20150708_135747 20150708_135736 20150708_135736(0)

They even sell Macarons!


We couldn’t resist so we tried an Earl Gray Eclair- and finished it so quickly we wanted to have one more!


Right next door there is a small clothing store, and we found it very interesting because you can order your own Custom T-Shirt! What a bespoke souvenir!



We admit the sign caught our attention! It is a store where you can actually custom make your own scent for candles and diffusers! The woman who works there is very friendly and speaks English, and the store smells amazing!


This is so adorable! The stairs lead to a Chinese Restaurant called Dan-Dan, and is popular with Koreans and tourists alike. ,Even if you don’t visit the restaurant, the stairs is an absolutely ‘must do’ photo opportunity!


dandan dandan1 dandan4

Photo Courtesy of 9 Jungho


Right next door to Dan Dan there is a beautiful leather store where they sell jewelry, bags, shoes, you name it!


Doesn’t this place look like something from Europe? A tiny cafe that is both bohemian and romantic? We think so!

This cafe is called ‘Franks’, and it is famous for their roll cakes! They sell it whole, so you can always buy one and take it home with you for dessert!~

frank frank1

Food photo courtesy of 2_eunjee


There are so many interesting restaurants, and places to visit! So please visit this street on your next visit to Itaewon!

Is this a house? A store? No, it is a restaurant! Called ‘Ahn’s Makkeoli House’, they sell a variety of Korean Makkeoli, or rice wine.


What we loved was that they charted all of the alcohol in a easy to read matrix! Do you prefer something light or heavy bodied? Sweet or dry? This matrix can help make your decisions easier!

20150521_202424 20150521_201232

The food is also amazing, and limited! They only have a small menu, and if you go too late at night it can run out!


Our final stop is located at the end of the street, and is a Macaron Store!


Caron-Caron has a lot of traditional as well as unique flavors, but two absolute most-trys are the Earl Gray and Wasabi Macaron! Have you never tried a Wasabi flavored dessert? You must!

20141105_200334Will you be visiting Gyeongridan-gil’s little sister on your next trip to Seoul? We hope so!

We hope you found our little walking guide useful, and let us know in the comments how your experience was!

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