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Changdeokgung Palace is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Seoul, especially in the Autumn when the weather is fantastic and the fall foliage is rich and dense. One of the most famous places within Changdeokgung Palace is the rear garden with a tree that is over 300 years old, and one we wanted to visit.

Whilst everyone is aware of Gyeongbokgung, there are many other palaces in Seoul, some which are in walking distance! Changdeokgung Palace is a World cultural Heritage, and one of the most beautiful palaces in South Korea.




One of the best spots to visit, and one we definitely made reservations for was the Huwon Secret Garden- also known as Bukwon, Geumwon and Biwan, it is fairly large. At 78 acres, this Secret Garden is the highlight of any visit!


The Secret Garden was a place where kings and queens strolled through the trees among the pavilions and allowed them to get away to relax from their hectic public lives. Currently the Secret Garden is not free for entry all the time, and requires a special reservation of the guided tours. Only 100 tickers are sold for each tour- making it quite challenging to book the ticket, because they are in high demand especially in Autumn!

BnBHero Hint: only 50 tickets per tour are sold online, the rest are for walk-ins. So be sure to go early and try your luck!


One of the 5 Grand Palaces of Seoul, we made sure to book our tickets in advance to visit the Palace! Our English Tour Guide offered us a lot of information on the palace- did you know that it is the classic example of “Feng Sui”?


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The secret garden is stunning because it preserves the natural harmony of the land. Barely touched by human hands, there are many small pavilions and fountains hidden inside the garden, and if your tour guide is talkative enough (like ours was!) they might tell you the story and meaning behind every little touch of man you will be able to find!


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The atmosphere during the tour was so peaceful, despite that we are a group of friends who love to talk and laugh we found ourselves overcome with a feeling of respect during our tour.  In the Joseon Dynasty, only the King and his permitted guests were allowed to enjoy this private garden, making us feel as if we were really receiving an exclusive and amazing tour!


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This Arch is supposed to grant long life, so if you happen to visit this beautiful palace and take the secret garden tour, make sure that you pass under this arch!



For detailed information and to reserve a tour, visit the Changdeokgung Palace website.


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