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Sometimes the best thing to do when Autumn turns the Seoul air crisp, is to enjoy the sights close to home and not worry about the long journey back. This weekend it was “Me” Time, and what better way than enjoying Seongsu-dong?

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mylifestyletravel4Rising as one of the new IT neighborhoods in 2015, Seongsu-dong is sometimes compared to Seoul’s Brooklyn. Famous for the handmade shoes street and known to be the neighborhood full of factories and warehouses, Seongsu-dong has had a bit of a facelift- there was many galleries, cafes and boutiques hidden in the nick and crannies. Making it a mix of garosugil’s higher class and Hongdae’s niche marketing.


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One of my first stops was to a restaurant called Sonyeo Bangatgan, also known as SoBang in English. A very famous restaurant with a minimalist menu, there are only four items! I got the recommendation of the day- soybean paste stew and bibimap. The only is a young a fresh faced Korean woman who uses fresh produce sold by elderly women in Gangwon province and her mother’s secret recipes.


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I left plenty of room for dessert (and plenty of room for a lot of walking!) because real objective for this visit is a place called “Daelim Storage”. A red bricked building that sits amongst other worn and faded buildings, this gallery/cafe/destination is super hot on instagram, and  one I had to visit myself!


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One of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood, it was originally used for rice milling, then turned into a storage lot. Currently it is being used as an art exhibition space, making it a great place to check out Korean homegrown talent.


Photo Courtesy of Seoul Insider’s Guide

Seongsu-dong began growing as a popular place for Korea’s young and creative to hang out since early 2010, due to the rising prices of Garosugil and Hongdae. A mix of the old and the new, there is always something to do! Daelim Storage is one of the most popular destinations, and whilse the art exhibitions are always interestnig, a lot of people also go for the food! Be aware though, that there is an entrance fee on the weekends- 10,000 won. 

Address : 78, Seongsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Telephone : +82) (0)2 499 9669
Webpage : www.instagram.com/column2016
Operating Hours: Everyday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Transportation : Seongsu Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 3.




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