North of the 38th parallel,Goseong County


Mt. Geumgangsan divided the Korean Peninsula into two, the Northeast county, Goseong, where you can have a glimpse of a small part of North Korea as well as to get the rich information of Korean civil war.



After the Korean civil war, some of Korean people are forced to separate from their family, or couldn’t go back to visit their hometown ever again. Hence, when they miss the people from the north side, they come here, Goseong Unification observatory,which is nearest to North Korea that people can get consolation from seeing the North.

Info of Goseong Unification observatory

Address: 481, Geumgangsan-ro, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 고성군 현내면 금강산로 481



Besides the historical sightseeing we can visit, the vies of sunrise here is also very famous. Sunrise off Cheonhakjeong Pavilion, best place to see the sunrise and sunset.


There is a special festival on every 22nd and 23rd September in Goseong County, Suseong Cultural Festival! Countless art, literature, folks and athletic events get the people altogether in Goseong County.



To discover more by visiting the government site of Goseong County at:

Visit this cultural and historical county, and explore more about Korean Peninsula!


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