Neighborhood Focus- Itaewon!

The heart of Seoul’s International District, Itaewon is an eclectic and exciting mix of the foreign and the domestic, the international and the familiar! So what better place to focus on for our neighborhood guide?

Why is Itaewon Special?

Itaewon is Seoul’s international district, housing a variety of Western-styled venues to eat, drink and be merry. Being a place where many foreigners congregate, it remains somewhat of a niche nightlife area for Koreans who are interested in a more international scene. A number of notable bars and clubs spot the area, both on the main street and in the alleys off it. Recently becoming gentrified as more upscale restaurants and chains move in. The US army has decided to move the nearby army base outside of Seoul within the next few years so expect regular changes to the area.

What is there to do in Itaewon? 

We compiled an amazing google map that you can use for inspiration and integrate it into your plans! All of the places mentioned in the google map as its own direct link to a specific blog entry highlighting important details, so be sure to check it out!


Where is there to stay in Itaewon?

Decided that Itaewon is the best neighborhood for you, excited by the things to do in Seoul’s international district and decided that a full 24 hours with a place to sleep is the perfect idea of a vacation?

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There is a wide variety of places to stay, ranging from small rooms, guest houses where you can also meet likeminded people, and entire studio apartments!

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