Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol hanok village was relocated and restored five hanok buildings with different styles , from that of a nobleman’s house to that of a commoner’s The furniture inside the houses was also reproduced true to life, so that visitors an have a vivid glimpse of life in the past.







Our ancestors used to enjoy their leisure time in pavilions nestled in the scenic mountain of Namsan. The raid development of the cities, however, significantly damaged the mountain and the environment. We have healed the scarred mountain, built gazebos and ponds, and are growing native species of trees.



In 1994, to mark Seoul’s 600th anniversary as the capital of Korea, 600items thought to best represent the city were buried to be opened on November 29, 2394, which will mark the city’s 1,000th anniversary.

The square is built in the shape of a meteorite crater, symbolizing perpetuality, while the Time Capsule is made in the shape of the Bosingak Bell.






  • Closed on Every Tuesday
  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • opening hours

09:00 – 21:00(April to October)

09:00-20:00(November to March)

2016-03-02 17-07-21

Get off at Chungmuro Station (Lin3 or 4), Five minutes walk from exit 3 or 4.


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