Nami Island & Railbike & Garden of Morning Calm Shuttle Package Review

My Nami Island & Railbike & Garden of Morning Calm fun and exciting experience!indiway
myeongdong station-1
We arrived at Myeongdong station at 9:40 A.M.
The guide came in front of Myeongdong station exit 2 at 10A.M and it took us an hour and a half to Gimyujeong station!
Before riding the Gangchon Rail bike, we had around 30 minutes to kill so Min and I went into the a game station and played some games… I obviously lost all my money.. $$$$
Look at that face of concentration.. +O+
We went to ride the rail bike, it was super cold! Thank gosh I brought my mini hot pack. They saved my life. Especially your face and your toes while riding because the wind is just constantly hitting you. Next time if I go during winter I will not forget to wear my UGGS!
It would have been much nicer if we went during the spring or fall, but the view was still super beautiful.
After riding the rail bike, we transferred into a train and took some silly selfies with a selfie stick!
Next stop was Nami Island! We had to take a 10 minute boat ride. We had a quick lunch and went to see this beautiful scenery!
Personally, the tree lined path is my favorite part of Nami Island. It honestly felt heavenly just walking down this beautiful path.
There was this unique art piece inside Nami Island. It was very interesting.
There was a small pond as well, but that bridge was way too shaky, so be careful!
We got to The garden of morning calm around 5:30 and it was still bright. The guide told us that it will be very dark soon so we waited and I was mesmerized by the place!
When it became dark, I thought I was in Wonderland. It seriously felt like a fairy tale. I enjoyed every moment I was there. It was quite crowded and everyone was taking crazy pictures!
In conclusion, I loved the “Nami Island & Railbike & Garden of Morning Calm Shuttle Package”. The best thing about this package was that I did not have to worry about transportation, and tickets. These three places are not easy to go around if one does not have a car. Moreover, I get super lazy to line up to buy the tickets, since everything was taken care of, I had such a lovely time. Overall, I would love to go back  when the weather is nicer. 🙂

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Nami island & Railbike & Garden of Morning clam shuttle Package Indiway

[Dec 5-Mar 24] Nami island & Railbike & Garden of Morning Calm Shuttle Package Indiway