Nami Island for your healing trip!

Island Namisom, it’s a not big island, which is situated in Gangwon-do province or 63km from Seoul. From Gangwon-do there are two ways to get to the island. The first is by ferry, and the second one is more energetic, it’s by zip line.nami3.jpg

The island itself was made because of dam which were built in 1994. And the name it got from general Nam, who is a son of King Sejong. Also one of the uniqueness of this island is that when you buy a ticket, you actually get a visa for this island. The story begins from 20 century, when Administrator of this island became mister Kan Woo Hyong. Because of him this island became art object and started to gain its popularity. And in 2006 he announced that this island is Culture Independent and it should be called The Republic of Naminara. Citizens of this island have different passports, money and even mail. However for others, to get visa for this island, you can just buy a ticket for 10.000 woni.aspx.jpeg

What is the secret of Nami island’s popularity? First of all, it’s because Nami island became a destination of many scenes in popular korean drama “Winter Sonata”. Because of this drama everywhere in the island you can see snowmans. Also because of romanticism of a drama, it’s popular for couples and families.1-2.jpg

Every year this island is visited by more than 1.5 million tourists. It’s not only nature, but here you can see International Festival of Child Book, Museum of Song and Museum of musical instruments. Facilities are good as well as this place became so popular for tourism. You can find restaurants, retail stores and pensions to live. Also there are swimming pool which is operated in the summer. Besides of this you can find a muslim friendly restaurant called Namiok. There you can try korean traditional dish Takkaelbi, which is halal chicken ribs fried in korean sauce. Price is around 10.000 won per person.DSC_0073_%EB%B3%B5%EC%82%AC.jpg


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