Mysterious island in Korea!

Yes! In Korea there are also mysterious things like this island! You could think that was made only for catching tourist and it is artificially made by people, but this is a natural miracle, which happened only once in a year. With this miracle plus all beatiful views you can see here, you can enjoy your travel into the Korean nature and even get healing from that!



This miracle is happening on Jindo Island. This island is the third largest island in Korea. It is located far away from Seoul, and if Busan is located on east side of Korea, than Jindo Island is on the west side.  It is made up of 250 smaller islands. The only way to get there is by bus and by plane. With the same distance between Seoul and Busan your transportation cost will be a little bit expensive, but it’s worth it!



It is famous for the appearance of a dry road in the middle of the sea, near the end of February and mid-June of the lunar calendar every year. Does not it look like a miracle? Many years ago this event was called “The Miracle of Moses”. When the water recedes, this dry road stays for about an hour before being submerged again. Tourists usually go through this road to another island and take a lot of photos, like this ones.




Now we surely know why is this happening, but long times ago people didn’t know and they made some legends about this Island. And one of the famous is “Old Woman Bbyong of Hoedongri”. It says that there were many tigers on this Island. And tigers frequently attacked the villages on this island, than people went to another Modo island, to avoid tigers. But one women left on that island and it was old woman Bbyong. And this lady ended up praying every day to the god to help her see her family again. And than Yongwang appeared to her in her dream and said, “I will send a rainbow to the sea tomorrow. Ride it and cross the ocean”. The next day old woman Bbyong went out there, rainbow appeared showing the road to her family. Through this road, her family and the other villagers came back to the island.



Until this days people celebrate this miracle by holding the Yeongdeung Festival to remember the Old Woman Bbyong, with traditional folk games. Here is a small programs of what people usually do on this festival. As a main program it is included Miracle sea road walking experience as well as beacon light parade and story-tellings about this legends. Also you can learn about Jindo island province and culture as well, by poetry paintings or Jindo Arirang. Also one of the most recognizable thing from that festival is a parade.



One of the popular things to do there for the locals is collecting mussels and seaweed. When the water tides went off there are a lot of mussels. You also can try this experience but it’s a little bit harder than you can imagine. And it can be better for you to try this mussels and seaweed in local restaurants, where they have an experience in making them!




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