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A bucketlist is a itemized item of things you want to do, see, experience and accomplish in your lifetime (before you “kick the bucket”.) There are many such lists for travellers, and being the unadventurous but curious type of traveller I wanted to see how much of the BnBHero Bucketlist  I had accomplished.

Three. Visiting Nami Island, and eating chicken at home with somek had allowed me to cross three items off the list. It is a bit embarrassing considering that the itemized list were classic “must experience” activities in Seoul that is actually easily accomplishable in 1 day if you put your mind to it (except for maybe visiting the Demiliterized zone, but there are plenty of one day tours for that.)

So this week I decided to cross off another classic item off the list, in my own style.

jan1Winter is a beautiful season to visit Seoul in, but this comparatively warmer winter gave me the perfect opportunity to try out some fusion Korean hanbok. A modern interpretation of a Korean traditional costume made in brighter colors and more convenient style and fit, there are many stores in Korea now where you can buy one, but we ordered one online from Leesle (one of the most popular and famous stores) and had it delivered to our BnBHero apartment ahead of time.

Wearing traditional costume gives you free entry to many Palaces, a great photo opportunity and an amazing experience to remember your trip to Korea with! A fusion hanbok is more comfortable and convenient, and so we registered for the free Walking Tour offered on the BnbHero website.

jan2The Bukchon Hanok Walking tour takes you on a leisurely stroll around Korea’s traditional village with over 600 years of history, and it ensures that you pass the FAMOUS street to take photos! (You know which one we mean!)  Registering for the free walking tour was easy to do by email, and it also meant that someone else would take us through the highlights of this neighborhood, making it an easy and convenient way to sight see! ()

It was a beautiful experience to be able to get a fully guided tour through one of our favorite neighborhoods of Seoul, and to discover some secrets and history we had never known! All the walking made us hungry, so for a finale we decided to stop at one of the most famous Korean ginseng chicken restaurants in Seoul.

jan3Korean Ginseng Chicken (or Samgyetang) is good for the body and the health, and is eaten in the summer to help beat the heat (beat fire with fire!). It is also especially delicious in the winter time (and we admit we might have under-dressed for the weather…), especially after completing a brisk walking tour to stimulate the appetite.

Visiting one of the most famous restaurants, one that was frequently visited by an ex Korean President was a magical and delicious experience! We made sure to eat every single bite of chicken and rice, and once full we knew we were ready for the next step of our journey!

Wear a hanbok and take photos? Check! 4 down, 6 to go!

The BnBHero Bucket List of 10 things to do in South Korea is just the first of a series! Look forward to reading about more interesting an exciting itemized lists for you to complete and compare, because you haven’t fully experienced South Korea until you have done all the classic activities!

For more information on the Free Walking Tours, please check out our blog post for more information. It is a great way of sightseeing around Seoul for free, with a knowledgeable guide who will ensure you will have a full experience! Registering for a walking tour is very easy to do by email!


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