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Summer was becoming too hot and there were only so many days we could spend inside Seoul’s department stores and movie theaters- so we thought we would beat the heat by fully embracing it- and heading to Busan!

haeundae2Busan is known for its pristine beaches and the seafood, the famous BIFF- Busan International Film Festival, but we just wanted to visit one of South Korea’s most popular beach destinations to frolic on the beach, enjoy some really good, cold dessert and seafood!

(Let us just say we were not prepared for the bikini season. But June is the best time to visit before it gets crazy crowded in July and August!)


Busan is approximately 3 hours away from Seoul- there are many ways of getting there (from car, to bus, to train), and while it is the more expensive option (It costs 59,800 won one way!) it is also one of the most convenient!

Besides, isn’t riding Korea’s KTX also an amazing experience you should try? We thought so!

We made a compromise- take the super early train into Busan, book a hotel for ONE NIGHT, and leave on the last train back! It would technically be 1 night 2 days, but it would feel longer!

busan1BnbHero  has so many accommodation in Busan that it was difficult to make a choice! Somewhere close to walking distance from the beach, with good views, and good security- and enough room to fit all of our friends together!

There were many very affordable options, so we decided to go with the one with the best reviews!

(Curious to see which room the photo is from? It is host TG’s officetel!)

Check out the accommodation offered by BnBHero at Haeundae!

There is so much to do in Busan! The Aquarium, the Museums, the street full of food and art galleries, the famous moon viewing hill- and not enough time! But two things we managed to squeeze in and we HIGHLY recommend is first:

Lobster Ramyeon


One of Korea’s seafood capital, there are many seafood restaurants along the beach, and the most decadent and we admit- expensive but must try dishes? We had Lobster Ramyeon!

It is as food as it looks, and as it sounds!!

busan3Another thing we did? Have one drink at the Busan Park Hyatt! With floor to ceiling windows and sweeping views of the beach, it is a great way of enjoying the sunset (make sure you are sitting in the right direction! Sun sets in the West!!), a nice cold cocktail, aircon- and memories!

(Interested in visiting the Park Hyatt, and looking to actually spend a night there? Check out our partner site and see if you can find a room for the time you wish to visit!)

Busan is one of the cities you want to visit again and again- and while we might have only had one trip, we know we will be going back again soon!

Busan is one of the most visited cities in South Korea after Seoul- especially in the summer seasons! July and August is peak, so we recommend you make your visit in June, when the crowds are just starting to form! Seafood and beach activities are the most popular items on most people’s to do list, but there is so much more to do in this city!

Check out the official Busan Tourism website page for more information! 


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