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Bikinis and Aquaparks in July!

Summer calls for beaches and beach outdoor activity, and there is so much to do outdoors in South Korea! Having already made a trip to Busan to enjoy the beach, lobster ramyeon and stunning views of the Busan skyline, we thought this month it was time to splurge on an activity closer to home.

A trip to Caribbean Bay!


Caribbean Bay is one of the most amazing destinations, and the entire month of July is considered Gold Season. After discovering a 35% discount ticket on BnBHero, it wasn’t hard getting together a group of friends or deciding upon a date (Saturday of course, because we knew we would need to rest at home and recover on Sunday…)

The hardest decision?

Buying a Bikini

Although there are many different international brands selling bikinis in Seoul, some more expensive (and more flattering) than others, we thought- when in Seoul! We wanted to go with a Korean brand!

lifestyletravel1StyleNanda is a name of a very popular Korean brand with a very distinctive style. They carry casual, formal, unique, edgy clothing for women as well as a line of makeup, and have very beautiful models with a specific “stylenanda” look and feel that you will start to recognize! They even offer bikinis and swimming suits for the summer season!


At first we couldn’t make up out mind, because Korean fashion can tend to be very cute and innocently sexy- I narrowed my choice between two of my favorites. A girlish polka dot bikini that would help “enhance” some attributes (but would make me hold in my belly all day) or a simple and vintage red one piece that was more flattering, and easy to spot?

(My perfect solution to getting lost at Caribbean Bay!)

Ultimately I decided on the red piece, not only because it was adorable, but because it helped hide some unflattering parts of the body!


Caribbean Bay is located next to Everland, and it is abot 1 hour away from Seoul. We decided to take the bus and left early in the morning, to take full advantage of the amazing activities that are available all day! We took bus 5002 from Gangnam Station, and spent the entire way planning what we would do!

caribbeanbay1There are tons of exciting rides at Caribbean Bay, but also lots of  relaxing activities you can take part in! I had my eye on the Green Tea Spa, where I could relax and soak away all my worries and my stress from the week!

The Diving Pool was also one of my favorite attractions to partake in. What better way of practicing your diving and go deep in the water? (The Diving Pool can get quite deep though, so be careful! And make sure you do not hurt yourself jumping into the water! I almost did!)

There are also lots of villages and eating places inside Caribbean Bay! Although something about wearing a swimming suit seemed to make us eat less- was it because of all the beautiful Korean men and women, who were super fit and super skinny??


July, summer- the perfect time to enjoy real activites such as sliding, swimming and other amazing aquapark games! We went to Caribbean Bay and enjoyed a 35% discount ticket- what are you planning on doing this July?

Looking to buy your own Korean bikini? What about visiting Stylenanda? You can not only visit their offline stores in South Korea, but also order a bikini online! Check out the “Summer” section of the website! 

Caribbean Bay is open all summer, and while July is gold season, what better time to really enjoy Korean culture that the height of Korean summer gold season? With this 35% off ticket, it is  if 4 people go, it’s like paying for 3, and having one person go for free!



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